What workout did you do today?


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Juneau for me today (4x20min SS).

Planned called for Juneau -1 but I decided to go for the full monty.

(not sure that means what I think it means…:confused:)


Mount Goode for me…went well, I was pleased.


Been sick for a week and trouble breathing. Finally able to breath again, so I took Birch for a quick spin before resuming SSB-2


Just finished Kaweah. In SSB2, week 1. First good threshold workout on the new FTP. I had a few backpedals in the later intervals, but I made it through the hardest interval without issue, and felt like I could’ve gone a bit longer. Then promptly started to run out of steam on the next interval.


Koip. Not at all sad that I have until the end of June before I have to sit on the turbo for this long again.


Back on the trainer after doing a week of other activities as I couldn’t get myself on the trainer.
Did some mountain biking, tennis and gym work.

Did Spanish Needle -3 as the GBLV plan has been changed, it went very well (ERG mode though), I upped the last set into 50/50 105% and 110% to experience what it would’ve been like in the regular Spanish Needle.
I have a lot of respect for the people that are able to nail the regular Spanish Needle!

I didn’t want to take the trainer of ERG mode as I haven’t ridden anything else but ERG mode, I didn’t want to deal with the possible frustration of figuring out the gearing etc whilst doing this workout. I’ll do a non-ERG mode Baxter or something like that to get the hang of it first before switching of ERG mode in workouts like this.


45 min run followed by an easy outdoor ride.

Turned out even easier than planned as my mates bike broke so an hour in the elements for a grand total of 9 TSS! :smile:

Nice to go outside on the bike though, it’s been three months.


Disaster -2 just finished. Felt actually sort of easy.


RAMP test before going into General build next week . Went from 246 to 261 !!!


Mcadie +1

Relieved to have completed that, as it came after three other tough rides. Day off tomorrow for definite!


Monadnock +5 w/ an “extended cooldown” of 30min @65%.

It’ll be a great day when the TR techies figure out how to add/extend intervals in-ride.


was out of town most of the week, went ahead and ran again today even though I am back, sometimes it is just easier to do a 1 hour run as opposed to trying for a 1 hour ride in the cold. I logged 29 miles this week in what was supposed to be an easier week… but I payed the piper too much with food/alcohol and wanted to offset it somewhat. Plus I got a stomach bug the week before which derailed my last week of SSB2.


did you turn off erg at the end?


Dumb trainer, ergo no erg. :upside_down_face:

Just keep hitting the ‘Extend Cooldown’ button and riding at my own target power.


No power meter, no hear rate monitor, one gear.

3 hours (and a little bit) along the coast on the singlespeed. Needed that after being ill for a few weeks.


40K roller spin on the track bike watching football


Juneau -1 on a spin bike but mostly eliminated the 1min break. One more week of work in ssb1 hv


Did Mills today.

Had a few hiccups…it was definitely not my best day down in the well.

A couple backpedals, a 5% dial-down of intensity, and another backpedal for good measure. Not great.

Back at it tomorrow.


Geiger +2 today, and a bit of Z2 at the end of the ride for good measure. I was pretty exhausted by the time I finished my last interval, but I had been planning on adding some extra onto the end, so I gave it a bit anyway. It felt harder than I thought it should. Fueled much better for this ride than I did yesterday, that part went well. Rest day tomorrow. That sounds nice right about now.


Pettit this morning as the last ride of the year, to begin the last week of SSBMV2. We’ll see how the ramp test goes next Monday… Quite probably my FTP will drop slightly, as I’ve been sock for quite a bit during the last few weeks…