What workout did you do today?


Hi - can you share how you have both TR and Z going at the same time? Is it something like TR controlling your trainer, with a regular bike computer broadcasting to Z?

I’m wondering about doing this on the new Rouvy augmented programme


I use two ANT+ dongles. Each app only locks to one ANT+ dongle. I paired TR to the Hammer, Quarq power crank and Garmin cadence/HR. Zwift paired to Quarq power crank and Garmin cadence/HR . So basically TR controls the trainer, Zwift has nothing to do with the trainer.

Sometimes I have to unpair the Hammer from Zwift when it tries to pair to it…else you get all sorts of fun and games as Zwift and TR both try to control the trainer at the same time! Happens every so often, just a case of glancing and unpairing if Zwift has paired to it.

I then do a free ride on Zwift as I do the TR workout.

If you search the forum, you’ll find more info if required. I did try one ANT+ and ONE bluetooth (BLE+)Dongle, problem I found out with this approach was that one of the apps would grab both the bluetooth and ANT+ dongles and the other wouldn’t see anything. Looking at the forum, two ANT+ approach works easily as each apps only grab one ANT+ dongle and thus never locks the other one out of using an ANT+ dongle.


Man this was a slog. Wasn’t really planning to do the full 4hr15 as I come back to training but happy with 3hrs.

It seems so easy to start with but after 3hrs even 60% FTP is a piece of work. :smile:


So today I did something new. This was my first workout based on a BestBikeSplit plan.

I downloaded the GPX for the Chilly Hilly run in Bainbridge Island, WA and created a power plan in BBS, and then loaded it into the TR workout creator to make an (almost) three-hour TrainerRoad workout:

and then had at it. I took two breaks, at around the one and two hour marks, and I was really pleased. At three hours it’s twice as long as the longest TR workout I’ve done so far, and I could really feel the benefits of all the work I’ve done with TR.




Baird+2 to finish off 2018.


Jepson today.

I’m deep in the middle of some performance trough and I am just finding it impossible to nail some of these workouts that I should be drilling.

I could blame the new FTP, the holiday indulgence and resulting asymmetrical training schedule, or the mild chest cold that has been lingering.

At the end of the day, excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one. And they shouldn’t be discussed in public. I’m pushing on and hoping for better days ahead.


Me too! Mine didn’t look so pretty though :grimacing:


Wow. Didn’t know you could do that. TR creates a workout straight from the file, or you have to build it manually?

Can you download from BBS with the free access?


Easy to look neat in erg mode. Had issues with connectivity though. HRM dropped halfway through and right near the end of one interval, the trainer spiked to over 500W all of a sudden.


Some picket guard +2 today. Good stuff. Adding this one to my favorites. I cut down the recoveries a bit. I did the first 3 in low gearing then the fourth with standing intervals then the last one normal gearing. The graph is not pretty but oh well


Hey @JoeX, You download a file in TR format from BBS:
and then use TrainerRoad’s Workout Builder (which is a separate app) and use that to build the workout, which you then load as a Custom Workout.


Felt great kicking this nasty cold/flu bug to the curb :muscle:t3:

Big or little chainring? Used both, guess when and win! Answer below:

Tap for answer

Big ring except for cool down

Power Match seems OK but not great - tips and tricks I'm missing?

Went with easiest I could find after celebrating a bit longer last night / this morning :champagne::beers:


Pettit +1 with the cool down extended by twenty minutes to begin the year 2019.


New year, new Kaiser. :100:


Echo +5 on New Year Day. 2 hours. But, no in-ride instructions. Disappointed. Any reason why not?


Possibly because it’s a variation

Edit: just checked and it should? Have you them turned off?


Does 5hrs gardening count? I’m giving myself a GSS of 200. :zzz:

Back will hurt tomorrow no doubt.


Carillon, totally nailed it even with a 15% intensity bump. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do a mid plan ftp test