What workout did you do today?


Winchell +1 - this was rough, that last 30 minutes I had nothing in the tank


Pisgah +6

Nice start to a big week of training…


Hello Solomons, old friend.

This is one workout that I keep coming back to when I want some extra TSS, and to test myself. As I did McAdie on Saturday and Wright Peak -1 on Sunday I was not 100% fresh; I’ve sometimes used this one to catch up on missed training. This time I’m getting ahead, because I have to go Scotland tomorrow evening for a funeral on Thursday and I will miss two days. This gets me some solid TSS in one hit and a few days recovery before the weekend.




Started week before rest in Sustained Power Build.


Carter +1 on the rollers rather than the turbo trainer It is a different experience doing TrainerRoad on rollers. Did a couple of hours of skiing today too.


Two 20 min sweet spot intervals on the way up, followed by some sweet singletrack descending.
One of the best parts about riding in the snow: when you catch your wheel in some deep snow on the side of the trail and endo, the landing is soft :snowflake::+1:t3:


Taylor -2 today. Week 2 of SSB2-mid. I noticed today that my calendar still had the old plan, so I updated it to the new revised version. I was planning on doing Hufftaker today, but the new plan had 30x30s instead, and I thought that looked good.

This felt WAY too easy. Did the sets at 100, 105 and 110%. I could’ve probably gone up further, but the last set was fairly difficult, so I thought that was probably fine.

Looking at the last set, normalized power was 4 watts under FTP, for an IF of .98 for 13:30.


Absolutely gardening counts. Meanwhile over here after a nordic ski I had to shovel snow. Again.


Bashful +1 for me today, as part of Sustained Power Build:

I’m repeating this part of the plan because work wiped out my original plan, and I’m really pleased at how much better I was. Last time I had to stop halfway through the second set and take a breather, but this time I was way stronger and handled the load well. In fact, in the third set I missed the recovery between the fourth and fifth reps and just powered over the recovery step :sunglasses:


Galena for me today to kick off week 5 of SSB1 HV. Was traveling all day, slept poorly last night because we had to leave for the airport at 6am, made it home at 4:30 and finally got on the trainer at 7:30. HR was elevated for the first 20, but settled in for the subsequent two 20min intervals.


Fang Mountain +1 was up this morning:

Might follow Landis in his non-alcohol 2019, well at least lower the intake.


New Year, new Ramp Test. Wasn’t expecting much after the Christmas rest period so the six point bump came as a shock.

Followed the test up with Ericsson -5 and found myself enjoying a little Sweet Spot. Onwards!


Last night I did Echo.

This is the problem with Zwift, you get sucked into the odd lap effort. Must try harder not to get drawn into setting lap times, but its nice competing for the leader board top position :flushed:

More mental training required, I am getting better at keeping my competitive edge at bay! At least I have a day off today and can recover before my next workout…Tinemaha… I hope I don’t regret that extra 22 TSS


I think you and I are on the same plan and schedule - Fang Mt is up for me this evening.


Good luck!

I am on the General Buid LV plan, but I changed the order of the workouts as I want my long workouts on Wednesday and because of the holidays.

Somewhere I messed up and now my first GBLV block will end up with Junction and Lion Rock in the same week (both an hour and a half). Second block should be as is (except for the switch of having the longer workouts on Wednesday)


looks like erroneous info on the workout then. I ran it briefly and no in ride text came up. so it must be a version that comes without


English +4

Still have Lion Rock +1 and Eclipse +3 plus two aerobic rides to cram in this week.


Very ragged too many pauses was dying near end


Supposed to be Pettit TSS 39. Decided to do a FulGaz 57 min ride, TSS 42.
Istanbul Coastal ride. Good workout.