What workout did you do today?


I did Broken Finger +1 this morning. This workout is deceptively hard and I was stoked to hit all the numbers and make it out alive!


Road outside today! 30 mile loop of rolling terrain in the Virginia country side. Pretty sure we passed Joe Dombrowski headed the opposite way at one point.

I’ve been furloughed since the government shut down, and getting outside was a nice way to get my mind off the work that’s piling up back at the office.


Fortunately I’m in the funded part of things. Have been through two of these in my 15 years, never fun


Yeah - I try to ride outside year round. Cold rain is about the only thing I’ll skip. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen too much where I live!


Carpathian Peak +3 (3x20min O/U)

In Progress Report: :face_vomiting:

Will check in again at O’God O’clock.

Post-ride Report:
Ever see a grown man barf all over himself? (You guys from the Stopped Drinking Alcohol thread stay outta this!) Here’s something fun to try – do O/U workouts with alternating seated (under) and standing (over) pedalling. No wonder my body hates me, I do terrible things to it.

Anyway…extra workout thrown in at the near-end of SPBHV…workin’ on the weakness… :fist:


McAdie. Had to stop three times to catch my legs. Always struggled at the third under/over per interval. First time I had to pause the workout to rest. Feel lousy.


Donner today. Got progressively more difficult over each interval. HR was higher than I was thinking it normally would be for threshold intervals. Not sure how significant that is, but I thought it was interesting. Had around 19 minutes total above 90% of HR max. Most of that in the last two intervals.


Haha that’s pretty hardcore man, do you think you’ll ever start to enjoy O/U’s?
Or would it be a more Batman/Joker type of relationship :stuck_out_tongue:

Completed Bashful+2 this morning, was still feeling the effects of gym work in my legs so the last two intervals were brutal for me.
Changed my gym work up with more balance and plyometric type of workouts so the smaller muscles are now also getting a workout in the gym instead of just the big ones.


Perhaps…if I grind through enough of them.
I did them last year but using only cadence as a guide (no PM at the time; I still kinda run them like that, 95rpm under, 105rpm over…seems to work). Pretty sure I was doing low Z5 O/U instead of actual Z4 O/U…might have been why they were so godawful. Could barely do 2x20 and now I’m slogging through 3x20… The measured TR workouts are still nasty – very non-graceful – but the burn is slowly fading.


Dade +1 this morning. Damn was it cold in the garage this morning but Dade soon put an end to that! 9x2.5 minutes at 120% was a proper test.

Had to laugh towards the end as Chad asked if I was able to up the intensity. That man really hates me! :laughing:


You aren’t wearing a HR monitor?
Sounds like you are improving if you can slog through 3x20, surely the 3x10 will feel a lot easier now than when you first started with the U/O’s.

Are you using ERG mode or slope mode?
Perhaps I have less problems with U/O’s as I am using ERG mode, which might make it ‘easier’ as you just have to pedal and not have to think about gearing etc.


Tinemaha for me… had to back pedal on last VO2max interval for 20 seconds before completing… coming down with cold, but don’t feel that was the reason…legs were just gone with this second 140% ftp block… Happily through the small set of U/O’s afterwards.

Got 59 all-time PRs for power curve between 1:11min – 2:09 min, some 21 watts improvements at some points :slight_smile:


Greetings from far NW Loudoun


yeah, I’m going to have to monitor this carefully and see if it points to a particular strength or weakness. I found mcadie+1 and Carillon very achievable but Geiger +1 yesterday was more of a slog. Mcadie+1 again on Saturday followed by a ‘C’ race and then I’m into my rest week. so I will probably just leave things where they are for now and just take a test as normal, unless I’m feeling particularly fresh through the rest week, then I might bring it forward.


@hubcyclist yeah, I was a relatively new fed for the 2013 shut down. That’s the only other one of these that lasted more than a day or two that I’ve been through. At least in 2013 the outdoor riding weather was better. :sweat_smile:


@Bioteknik right back at you from N Arlington!

We were out in Middleburg and The Plains yesterday.


Last year was no nothin’ when I started!
RPE all the way, baby!

I’m on a dumb trainer but it’s not a mechanical issue I have, it’s a chemical one…mainly lactate - my nemesis! :angry:


Eclipse +3 today after a 30 minute warm up in Zwift… Definitely made eclipse feel like a serious workout…

All the Zwift talk on here lately had me thinking I should at least try it. Gotta say I don’t see the allure. You pedal and your little guy pinballs around in a pack of guys. I did 15 minutes of an A category race and have to admit the speed of other riders seemed reasonable and honest. I was hanging on the front pretty comfortably pushing threshold with the occasional VO2 dig and I’m conservative with my weight and FTP…

I’m going to try a couple more while the free trial is active but wouldn’t let it get in the way of TR given my results so far.


wanted to quit for the last hour.


Last night I did Ebbetts followed by Taku. Just keeping things loose while I take a break between end of CX season and the start of the next training block.