What workout did you do today?


35min recovery run at lunch

2800m Swim evening


I just did Tallac +4 and let me say to coach Chad: that one’s a little much.


Bumped Lion Rock up a day. Weekend off now


Mcadie. Hard on the legs, but got through it.


Big mountain before racing tomorrow!


It’s not her hair I like!


Just checking, but the 1 download I did was a .txt file. Are you saying that the workout creator can then get the power profile from this to make a workout? I guess I don’t see where you can open a specific file to do that. Sorry for the specific question, I don’t want to waste any more of my free downloads. :smile:


That’s right. Load a GPX file into BestBikeSplit, and export the file to TrainerRoad. That gives you a .txt file. Then go to the TrainerRoad Workout Creator:

Drag the .txt file into the Custom Workout Column (1) and then press the Publish button (2). That should be it!


Sweet, that was pretty easy. I was wondering if it was just drag and drop but thanks for the help.

I’m not sure I have the willpower to try mine though… another 3 hour jobber, currently an IF of .83, hopefully will be closer to an IF of .79 in September when I do the race. Of course this is just the bike split sandwiched between a 1.9K swim then 21K run.


That is fantastic to know! I’ve been using BBS for about 3 years and this seems like a great way to use it to recon a 90min A race and 3hr B event I have later this year. Thanks!


Well, that was a lot easier than in the gym on the watt bike. VO2 max intervals, so cold I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t turned the fan on! :sweat_smile:

Some kind of issue with the turbo had the resistance vary wildly on the last set of intervals which was frustrating but not entirely unwelcome - 3min at VO2 max is never a happy thing - so I’ll be swapping types, checking the fluid etc tomorrow.

Feel like I’m back on track now :+1:


Boarstone -1 today, next up ramp test on Monday.


Pettit again, that’s the end of Traditional Base II.

Starting for real on Monday with SSB.


I started today with Volunteer for a warm up.

Followed by some Coach Chad sponsored user murder in the form of Gendarme


Kern +1 - hard to fit this kind of intensity in early in the day for me, good practice for early morning race starts


Mary Austin-1 nice to get that done after disrupted routine over Xmas :baby::baby::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Mary Austin today – like last week I felt confident to boost the last pair to 105%. :100:

And that’s the end of SSB vol 2 for me, as half-Ironman plan kicks in on Tuesday.

I know I’m skipping the recovery week, but I’m feeling good… he says, as he’s done SSB with some sort of chest infection, so steroids and antibiotics for the next week. I thought it was just my asthma kicking off, but when a puff of the salbutamol isn’t clearing it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wright peak -1 today, highest tss in the sweet spot plans. Did it no prob but HR is about 10bpm higher due to a mild cold I have and I have some meds in me still, I think.

Struggling with over-unders in plan

MCadie +1

@Captain_Doughnutman I did the last set of o/u’s at 105% just for you :kissing_heart:

last big workout of SSB MV1, a bit of MTB tomorrow then I’m into a recovery week and then the joys of SSB 2… bring on the vo2 work!


Beast! Great work @Jonnyboy

My O/U workout

This one made me nervous. Got thru the first 3 on my own inspiration, then took some additional gas from the effort of @Jonnyboy thru the 4th. Decide to bump op to 102%, then 104% and finished at 106% with a kick. Thanks of the mental boost :smiley:

I have one more ride that will be easy-ish, then on to a recovery week.

  • I do like the accountability from it, when you need that extra little push :smiley:

Struggling with over-unders in plan