What workout did you do today?


It helps when you know the forum is watching! :joy:

@mcneese.chad. 107% competitive much?! :wink:

Great workout!


LOL, just 106%, and it was only the last Over. My average increase for the last set is probably 104% or less. So your 105% for the full set is still the King :crown:

I’m just happy I felt enough gas to push more at the end. I wasn’t sure how this would go today, so pleased with the kick at the end :smiley:


Very aptly named custom workout. Ouch! This one definitely made me try to push closer to the wall. I tried running Zwift and TR at the same time and was going for the Park Loop record (as seen in the last 5min of the house section) but missed it by 10s so got frustrated, quit Zwift and did the rest watching Tour de France TT clips and of course won all the stages :slight_smile:


I went out for a recovery ride that ended up in a three hour mental toughness ride.
The wind was just insane today, when I uploaded it to Strava a buddy of mine went; “Did you take the mtb instead of the road bike today?”

I don’t have a power meter on my bike so the best I can do is look at my heart rate and try to keep it in the lower zones.
At times I really felt like; screw it and punch through in order to get back home sooner as my legs were feeling great today.
But then I remembered I have U/O’s on Monday morning and decided to stick with the recovery ride haha


In my second week of General Build/Mid Volume and did Lion Rock today. First set felt “easy” so I increased intensity to 105% for the remaining sets. Made it harder, but still doable.

Bumping up my FTP a couple watts as I think my last ramp test left me with an under-estimated FTP. Probably because I did it too soon after Disaster!


I was at a loose end today and fancied some sweet spot.

I found ‘The Tour of the West - Vol. 1’ which I enjoyed. Go check it out.


Yep, using it for indoor practice for an outdoor event is exactly what I use it for. You can alos download the plan to your Wahoo Element/Garmin headunit, and use that to guide you during the real, live outdoor event. That makes BBS, TrainerRoad and your bike’s computer a holy trinity for preparing for an outdoor event.


Clark today, with a bit of Z2 tacked onto the end. I was feeling plenty strong at the end of the ride. Wanted to go longer, but was running short on time. My 2 year old came into the workout room a few minutes before I ended and asked why I wasn’t wearing my clothes. Was in bike shorts and shirtless. She was super cute about it.

Ride felt good, the bursts on the start of each interval felt short enough that they weren’t hard, and it was pretty easy to settle into the effort. Difficulty felt around nice and moderately difficult. Could’ve done higher power or longer, but didn’t mind getting the rest between intervals at all. Tomorrow is scheduled for a longer sweet spot ride, so didn’t want to push it today, so that I’m still plenty fresh for that.


Now that sounds like a cool workout, I’m on recovery week next but might sneak that in!


Keawah today which I found to be quite a tough workout


I’ve downloaded BBS to my Garmin for outdoor riding, but did not find it useful because I ride hilly roads (typically 80 to 120ft/mile) and BBS doesn’t know anything about segments hence their power queues aren’t useful (they are particularly bad on downhills where there is opportunity as a skilled descender to take advantage of a few watts). I’ve contacted their support staff and it seems that their target market for their software in its current state is flat to rolling TT.

As for using TR workouts outdoors, I haven’t done that yet. For now, I like the ability to focus on my TR efforts without dealing with the environment, and similarly, when I ride outdoors, to go have pure fun. However, I am looking forward to diving deeper into the demands of my races and events and think the WC feature you describe could be very useful. Thanks.


'Kaweah Man!

This is the third time I’ve done Kaweah and I get stronger at it each time.


The super cool Sonora +6.

Now that’s a workout! That second 3min@115% was nasty.
Extra session at the end of SPBHV.

Galena +4 tomorrow and then a week of R&R! Woot!
Can’t wait to blast that ramp test in a week’s time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(p.s. – that was a fun workout…I needed it after so many weeks of long sloggy intervals.)


Felt that!


A bit of a harsh start on the long runs with a group (in part) cross country 22km, +267m, 2h25.

They didn’t warn me about “the hill”…


Supposed to be Geiger + 2 but I didnt feel up for it so I started Geiger with the intention of tagging more on if I could. Good call as I found Geiger was enough for me today.


Likely I’ll end up doing the same today, Geiger and add more if I can rather than Geiger +2 as scheduled. Kaweah put the hurt on me yesterday.


Same with me , I found Kaweah quite hard yesterday.


A nice 50k MTB ‘not a race’. The route was draggy and steep in places but considering it was the end of a tough training week I was super happy with my performance, probably came in around the top 10-15%. A whole week of recovery ahead!


kaweah is a very tough workout, 99% power in your first week! The next two weeks get a bit more manageable, then weeks 4 and 5 put a serious hurting on.