What workout did you do today?


Did this 70 minute run yesterday, trying to keep flat parts HR at or below 140, and max 145 during the uphill segments. Need to figure out how to get those long runs in while still being able to get in a quality workout the next day. HR is higher this week for these paces than as a few weeks ago, but there were a few very high calorie days prior to those long runs and was a bit colder out. Been a mild December and so far January.


Up later today I’ll be doing some some Wingates and testing lactate in a university lab.


Kaweah was no joke this time around for some reason!
Last season weeks 4/5 put a hurt on me also, so i’m going to really go after them this year. You’re right they are tough for sure


Kaweah for me too today. Did a tough 30 mile Zwift race yesterday so was fearing the worst but I really knuckled down and focussed and got through it. Really enjoying these workouts now because I know it’s making me faster. Zwift is great for additional fun/racing but I think TR is the way forward (imagine that!).


I did the 20 min FTP-test today.

And on thursday I did the Ramp test.
Scored 330 W on the Ramp Test and 334 W on the 20 min FRP test.

I did not rest yesterday (did Anteløpe +2) - but felt actually quite good today - so I think the score is quite representative - and cool to see resemblance of the score from the two methods.

I like the 20 min test because I somehow and sometimes need reassurance that the ramp test score is realistic.



Wright Peak +2 (4x30min SS)

Yuck. :laughing: What a chore.

Final day of SPBHV.
Plan called for Eclipse +3 (4x20min low SS)…I subbed in Galena +4 (4x20 high SS)…then thought I’d go for it with WP. Did 2.5 of the intervals (75min) before power was a no go. Did the rest of the workout as a 65% Endurance ride. Guess I should have stayed with initial 80min@SS workout. :roll_eyes:

Rest week starts now!! :drooling_face:


Foraker is tough if I remember, I called it Mount F***er.


Was starting to fade going into last interval, backed it off a bit at 95%. Wasn’t so bad, I could have gutted it out at 100%. Live and learn.


Is this part of a plan or did you just add it?



Bashful +2. One of the toughest to complete so far for me.


Antelope+5 today . Mentally tough for me


I had Eclipse +3 this week and it was no fun. I’m not a fan of longer intervals though.

Today was Lion Rock +1 and I’m looking forward to my off day tomorrow.


Hunter, and it sucked. I find the Sunday rides are always the worst.


Not today, but did Palisade yesterday and finished off this week! Had to adjust based on travel on Sunday.


I’m just wrapping up SSBMV2. It was part of that plan before the recent updates when Chad changed it to Mary Austin -1. I already had SSBMV2 in my calendar before the updates and I ended up sticking with the original Mary Austin.


Did my baseline lab test today… ouchedy ouch ouch, holy s*&%$ I had done Charing twice to prep for these, but doing Wingate sprints are a whole different kind of intensity compared to my weak rollers. It’s like sprinting from a standstill up a steep grade so you never outrun your gearing…

In all, ended up doing 7 of them since I accidentally unplugged the kickr on the first one and we had to re-do it.

Literally dry heaved a few times after the last one.




Got half way through Avalanche Spire+1 this morning and then quit, wasn’t the legs though those were fine. More a mental thing that I couldn’t shake that made me quit.

I’ll pick it up again tomorrow or the day after depending on how the legs feel tomorrow as the lactate is still noticeable even with only half of the intervals done.


Thor for me this morning. First two sprint sets were a complete mess as I tried to complete them in the small ring. Shifted into the big ring for the following sets and I was in the game.

This was a good but tough session.


Ramp test :face_vomiting:

New year, new FTP though!! Looking forward to the 40k TT plan over the coming weeks