What workout did you do today?


Antelope -5 this morning

Hopefully Donner this Friday will be the confirmation of whether or not I can handle 300 ftp setting. Based on the travel schedule I had and 1 week completely off the bike I didn’t feel testing when I got back would produce an accurate number. That and I think my steady state abilities right now are better than the ramp test predicts which is why I’ve just been manually setting my FTP to produce the desired training stimulus. This one was a bit harder than I would expect, but I did also do a pretty hard anaerobic session yesterday.


Did part of Hunter, but quit early. I’d been planning on a long ride with some Z2 to finish it off, but then did a few hours of yardwork, and then went out for drinks with friends, before getting on the bike. Turns out that’s not a great way to setup a long workout. I lost all motivation to continue when I started the 2nd interval and it felt way more difficult than the start of a sweet spot interval should feel.


Did Galena +3 today (4x20 @ 90%), last hard workout of SSB1 HV. Had to shift it to today (Monday) because I was doing family stuff, kind of a bummer because I really wanted to do back to back hard stuff to wrap up the plan. But it’s done and I’ll do all the easier rides this week and see what the next phase brings me (regardless of the ramp test I’m bumping myself to 280w from 275w, I definitely wasn’t struggling through any of this)


FTP test - up 4.4% followed by West Vidette -1.
Been doing traditional base and now starting Olympic base.


Thanks for mentioning this workout. I just finished SSB MVI and subbed Galena+4 for Galena and “aced it”. As my “A” race is a 90min hill climb, I want to build up to 4x30s. Glad to hear that there is workout for that. Perhaps when I get there I will be similar bold as you and up the SS#s a few % :slight_smile:





Had to drop the WD on the swim so only 1900m this morning, but a good day’s training.

Polar Bear nearly had the best of me. I had to stop alternating intervals in aero, only five minutes in aero in the last 40min, a stretching break and a little back pedalling but I got through it.

Weirdly, the ten minute brick run felt best out of the whole day


Wayne +1
There isn’t much in it, but felt taxing for some reason.


Oh, I didn’t finish WP+2 even at the reg intensity!
I did 65% of it at 100% and 35% of it at 65%. Bleh.

My A race is a ~30min TT so I thought I’d give it a whirl, see what the body does…
I think you have to be really strong to finish a 4x30min block. Was a good test which told me my muscular endurance is maybe half way where it needs to be. Can definitely feel it in my legs the day of and the day after – emptied the tank just in time for a week of R&R!


Keep us updated on your 40K progress.
I have it scheduled in a few months and could definitely use some insights! :+1:


The Owls +3 today with some low cadence work and some high cadence sprints at the end. Throughout the workout, all I could think about was that damn commercial from the 90s: “Mr. Owl, how many intervals does it take to fatigue your legs”. “Let’s find out: a one, a two, three…”


All in all a solid day. I savored my afternoon swim and a bit of some rest for my legs


W0+2 is one of my favorites! It’s a money maker for sure.


Jacks +1…I find these 105% workouts insanely difficult but managed to complete all 4 intervals this week. Couldn’t have done a 5th.


Love how much this thread has grown :slight_smile:

Yesterday marked the start of my sustained power build. I bunged in another recovery week last week to make the plan fit, so this week is the start of the harder stuff again.

Meant to do a ramp test, but I just wasn’t mentally there to do it. I just bunged in a token 7w increase in FTP and i’ll retest when i finish the build phase and start the BBS cycle again in a few weeks, which will be the final cycle to get me to my A race. Felt that my FTP was pretty spot on, hence i felt comfortable giving it a slight bump.

Got my second ANT dongle so i can run Zwift and TR on the same screen rather than using my phone for TR, and also I was given a big TV to use in my cave which is so much better!

I did Carson yesterday :slight_smile:


Did a ramp test followed by tiehacker

Turned down intensity by 5% on following workout as I didn’t have a chance to get some good rest between… after second interval I turned it back to 100% as I felt I’d recovered enough from ramp and to “endorse” my new ftp.

Rest day today for unforeseen reasons, hence back to back workouts…that’s life for you…


Geiger for me, on last interval head went :weary:Stopped for short break managed to finish. Need to sort out consistency doing ssblv and chopping and changing plan which can’t be helping !!


Easy run for me this morning, 40 minutes trying to keep HR below 140 on the flats, and below 145 during any hills. some jackass rolled through a stop sign as I was in a crosswalk and hit my dog. Luckily for him, he’s a big dog and the guy wasn’t going very fast. I thought something horrible was about to happen to my most trusted training partner. HR spiked up to 169 as I laid it in to the guy.

Funny thing is that I chose to run in my town since a jogger was killed a few miles from our home last week, getting hit by a drunk driver. There are no streetlights once you get out of the town and I wasn’t sure if I had enough battery in my headlamp. The headlamp was working, and I have a reflective vest, and a reflective dog leash… people always seem to think that since it’s early in the morning that they don’t need to stop.



Ericsson for me… or something that looked like it.
My older Tacx Genius struggles to match assigned wattages which turned a 4x8min @ 88-94% FTP into 4x8 min @ 103%

Ended with a ERG cadence spiral of death on the last one but still finished it
86TSS instead of 64, nice introduction to SSB I :joy:

Going to try the next workout in resistance mode as I won’t be able to do this every time.


Yikes, glad to hear the pup isn’t badly hurt.


Couple of relatively hard road rides over the weekend called for some active recovery yesterday, so I did Dans. Short and simple. Back to something more interesting tonight.