What workout did you do today?


A bit of mental relief and trying to convince myself that I have way more in the tank then I give myself credit for.


Fancied some O/U’s but this fitted the bill a little better whilst I experiment with meal timing currently.


in a transition week and just doing some ‘fun’ workouts …

went for Queen stage of 8DC 2014

SO HARD - really fun change of approach though.

However the ‘rest’ sections don’t exist - so whilst the variety definitely keeps things interesting and engaging the lack of rest was tough!



Palisade. upped the intensity 2% for last two. Contemplating a 5 watt bump to FTP setting depending how I feel after Monday.


Did a self created one today. I call it 2Pac (the notorious BIG is next week)


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: said no one ever!


Great! Now I’m going to have to deep dive into the Creator just so I can make album/song related workouts!

‘Licensed To (Be) Ill’ will probably be some horrendous 3x20min over-under session.

Apart from that, how do you decide to structure your created workouts? :man_shrugging:


I just do what my coach tells me :slight_smile: Most of the time I can find a workout that is very similar to what she wants but today (4x30’ SP) I had to create myself. Other workouts that I’ve created are like a mismatch of zones depending on my needs and the time of season so some extended low cadence work followed by tempo or sweet spot with surges. So fatigue the legs then fight through it.

Naming them is the fun part


Mary Austin -1. Couldn’t finish it last year at a lower FTP, but did it this time.


Part of “Disaster Half” courtesy of @mcneese.chad


Bailed on Palisade after first interval due to knee pain (caused most likely from weight sessions).

Interesting observation is that last pre-season I did O/U w/o a power meter, just cadence and speed (don’t ask!). As this was my first real TR O/U workout I thought I would try the same approach but with cadence only. Was quite a surprise to see how much my power moved around even though cadence was fairly stable. Great example of why power is a useful tool.

Probably why I dread O/U is because my previous non-PM sessions were more like 10-20min Threshold<–>VO2 killers instead of FTP+/-. Will be interesting to see how I do in future efforts.


Part… Disaster-Quarter? :stuck_out_tongue:


Galena + 1. 3 x 20 at 95% FTP.

I love these type of workouts, not sure why!


Another fully fasted aerobic 4hr Sunday morning wooosah.

Took a minute 90 and 180 minutes in to pee. Bladder the size of a golfball :roll_eyes:


Very easy ride on Zwift for me this morning.

Couldn’t be bothered to go outside for a Sunday spin, it’s too cold and wet :frowning:


Great work. That takes some mental toughness to stay on the trainer for that long.


Freezing rain this morning, happily it cleared up while I did Cumberland followed by a 25min jog.


I did Eclipse today.


Baxter -2 without a fan. HOT.


Just finished Eclipse for the first time today… I actually really liked it.