What workout did you do today?


Ramp test as just commencing SSB Mid vol 2…


Taylor -2 tonight. I was expecting it to be a bit more brutal than it turned out to be… so am left both confused and with a little more confidence as a result.


Junction-1, pff not in the game mentally this week.
Had to lower the intensity in the end even with 12% just to finish it.

Think I am going to push the rest of the workouts to next week, take a breather or just go outside and ride what in a way however I feel like at that point.

Luckily enough I have enough time before my events start to finish the build phase, wouldn’t be able to complete a complete specialty phase anyways.


Mills, it was my first one of a new plan (that I am picking up in week 5)


South Twin +6… Watching old Flèche Wallone and threw some unnecessary digs in there…

Felt good but definitely riding the line on high end work as I get closer to racing weight.


Taylor today, which replaced the prescribed Taylor -2 for me.
Virtual power steals a bit of credit on these workouts due to delay, but I start each piece of work 5s early so I’m doing the work and that’s all that matters. The snapshot makes it look like I didn’t hit some intervals, which annoys me a bit… but was on/over target on each and every one.
I could do 30/30s all day long.


Petit for me, bored. I’ve been looking forward to recovery week but now it’s here I just want to get it over! :grimacing:


Sorry to hear that buddy. Hope man’s best friend is recovering well.


Missed breakfast trying to get to the pool in time but the general chaos meant I could only squeeze in

1600m swim.

  • WU 800m
  • Main set 2x200 PB, 1x400 PB

Then I felt woozy at work through lack of food. :roll_eyes:

A hard all day meeting at work, then got a sausage sandwich in and 20min with my feet up before…

10k Run

  • Half mara pace
  • Club run

Probably longer and faster than I should have run after Sunday’s 22km XC run, which was itself pushing it a bit after my weeks of illness…and I can feel my achilles starting to complain… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: When will I learn?


Elephant +5 managed all 6 intervals, didn’t finish final 15 minutes endurance. 131 TSS. 0.88 IF. 1302 calories. NP-255w. Recovery day legs need it.


I’m going to live vicariously through outdoor runs like yours; we’re in a super-cold spell with windchill hovering around -30C. I can’t even bear cross country skiing in this. I’m sick of the arctic tundra this winter.

Oh, I did 40 minutes on the treadmill and some quick glute activation work beforehand.


Black Kaweah +1 - felt good to get through this one, legs were blocked at the start but really felt good by the end


I just finished Bluebell, as part of week 3 SSB2-Mid. Added a bit of Z2 at the end. Was thinking I was going to spin for a bit longer at the end, but then wasn’t really feeling it. So I called that good for the day.

I thought this was going to be more of a VO2 max type thing, but it didn’t really get that intense. This was quite a bit harder than 30x30s I did last week, but that was mostly because those felt really easy. This felt hard, but manageable. Like doing sweet spot, if sweet spot was short 120% intervals.


Pain cave, emphasis on pain… these 2+ minute VO2max jobbers are my Achilles heal. Stopped once to catch my breath. First 3 at target, then I dialed it down to 95% intensity.


-30°C?! Good grief.

I was considering Zwift Run at 2°C…


West Vidette +1 today. Easily my new favorite recovery workout. I was done before I knew it.


Exactly! I had fun with week 4 Mills today, wanted to quit with :45 left in each 2 min vo2max interval. Ended up dialing back the intensity for last 6 intervals.


Williamson for me today.

On paper, this doesn’t look like much at all but those gradually reduced recovery zones soon wake you up and make breathing a focus. The 30 second final efforts were an eye opener too.


I did Geiger last night as part of a slightly extended SSB2 Week 1.

Actually felt pretty tough going and tougher than I expected. Maybe due to:

I) recently upping the FTP
II) using a differebt wattbike in the gym than normal
III) gym being really warm with no real cooling (even more so than usual)
IV) Fatigue
V) nutrition
VI) all of the above!

Somehow made it through it :grinning:


Chad’s reward for a 7% FTP gain is… Ebbetts! Really suffered through the sprints in interval block number 4, but other than a quick chain issue after the first block, made it through solidly. Not really looking forward to threshold work as one of these intervals was spent at my old FTP and I was feeling it!