What workout did you do today?


Echo -5 today, HR response not quite where I’d like it but with almost 2 weeks of no real steady state work, it is expected to have a bit of a drop off. Looking back at last week, my rollers don’t provide enough resistance to do a proper SIT workout. maybe… just maybe at 50x12.

Swimming and running are looking pretty good right now, hoping that the bike shapes up in the next week or so, or else I might have to adjust.


Pettit today, easy week for SSB1 HV. Thankful that this chest congestion I had for a few days this past week seems to be getting better. My wife was sidelined for a whole week with this or something similar and had fever. I had some mild junk but I didn’t feel affected when riding and rode all the high volume stuff with ease. I know common wisdom is don’t exercise if you have symptoms below the neck but I felt good to go for the most part and was otherwise asymptomatic. Also, I didn’t want illness to derail a really solid round of SSB lol


Back from a low intensity holiday period, downhill skiing and a few hours on the bike but on rollers, need to work on my skills to be able to go really hard on rollers !

Completing SSB LV2 and Lamarck was on the menu. Got part way through the third interval and bailed. Too much work stress and missed eating properly during the day meant I just did not have it mentally to fight through. It was probably too ambitious to start back with a 40 minute at FTP workout. I know with better eating I probably could have nailed it. Still, on the positive side got 20 solid minutes at FTP.


Taku for me, 30mins light spinning at an average heart rate of 119.

Anyone else find recovery week rides feel ‘wrong’ in some way, I understand the science but my brain is telling me I’m not working hard enough,


Unscheduled recovery day as my Achilles was pretty stiff this morning. Tough couple of days at work, asleep within an hour of getting home again for an hour. I could’ve done Galena but rest is still needed.


Same! More discomfort on my bum and way harder to stay focused or enjoy it. Once the weather gets better, I plan on shifting most of my recovery week rides to outdoor since they’re so easy to replicate and it’s so much more enjoyable.


Baird +6. Starting the second week of my build cycle and man, VO2 max is rough!

It’s so strange how one interval will feel like complete torture and then the next one feels easier. Bizarre how the body copes with stress like this. :sweat_smile: Keeping my cadence up for the 30-minute endurance part at the end proved to be difficult.


I was going to do Polarbear but @Captain_Doughnutman got me wanting to revisit Wright Peak +2 so I went with that and bumped the intensity up 5% and minus the last 15’ because I had to rush off to the pool for a quick 3600m swim before the pool got too crowded then rounded the day off with an easy 45’ run. Busy day


Mills +1. Got crushed after my latest ramp test upped my FTP by 50W. I’m thinking of lowering it 25W or 30W to see if I can survive another try next week.


Shasta for me this morning. Over on all the sprints and I’m sure I’ll be paying the price for that tomorrow. Then a swim at lunchtime. Flagging now :sleeping: but have work commitments this evening so I had a second coffee (unusual for me).


Avalanche Spire +1 today. Getting a bit grindy. Now I understand why there is a recovery week in week #4 in General Build


Hadn’t done longer intervals for months and was a little nervous about this one. Turned out to be so easy! :open_mouth:


Only cuz yer brain has been trained to smash it out 4-5 days a week…and now it’s not! :exploding_head::rofl:
Going easy might be even harder than going hard. That’s the difference between a Pro and a Joe – a joe has a hammer and uses it all the time…a pro has a hammer and a feather…

I’m in a rest week right now too – Beech tonight.
Caught myself a few times spinning into Z3…gave myself the ol’ Coach Chad slap and dialed it back down. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can attest to that! Took Monday off…couldn’t even get through Mont Gosford -1 on Tuesday :tired_face: Basically took 2 days to recover from that Sonora+6/WP+2 one-two punch…but I can tell there was definitely some gain got from that pain!


Did a ramp test Monday, and then after sessions Tuesday/Wednesday did Dardanelles -2 today. Really struggled, got through the first rep and had to stop, legs were too cooked but heart rate was fine, in part due to previous days sessions I think?

Is this likely/expected after a new FTP? I always find the first week of sessions after a new FTP tough.

Psychologically, its a bit of kick but at least I know I’m pushing the limits and its not too easy. Couple of days rest then an outdoor ride at the weekend before hitting it hard again next Tuesday, I reckon is a good plan. Any tips for for going into Dardanelles after a Tuesday sweetspot and Wednesday Aerobic?


The world seems to be against me at the moment. Got in the garage, late, wife had move stuff around so I wasted fifteen minutes finding things and setting them up again. When I finally got in the bike the power meter just would not pair. Already late for the session getting frustrated I gave up and went to work.

Will try again later! :rage:


Updating from yesterday’s lunch swim

1600 main set, first 10 on 1:45, then last 6 on 1:40;

Run this morning in the crazy wind… steady run, tried to not fight the wind, slowed the pace down, but not as much as it felt like. Finish run with 4x20s hill sprints w 40 s recoveries ala week 2 of the oly base plan.



Start of SSBLVI: Mount Field

I was half-dreading this as it’s the first workout with my new FTP and the intensity is a lot higher than I was doing in traditional base. Seemed OK while I was doing it though.


wasn’t paying attention today, and thought I had loaded Brasstown (90min endurance), which is on recovery week, but accidentally selected Boarstone, the saturday 2hr workout. I realized it an hour into it, so I just did 1:25 then fast forwarded to the cooldown. Either way, 70tss


A solid hour riding bald knob


Warmup with 15 minutes of Taku followed by stanislaus -4