What workout did you do today?


Tonight I’ve just attempted Gawler for the first time ever as part of three weeks of trying to work on VO2 max - I hope to never have to do it again! Good job @chad is away skiing or I’d be telling him just how much I dislike him right now!


Victory is Mine!


Mallory +1 - really nice combo workout with over/unders and a little VO2 at the end


Did Donner today as well, it is a tough one, I thought it would be an easy 1 hour Thursday ride. Those threshold rides really require some focus, sneaky.


English +3

Work schedule and bad roads forced me to skip English +5. Still got the real work in so I’ll hunt up some extra tss this weekend.

Trying to ignore power during intervals once I settle but I’m no trainer pro yet. Even running an 11/23 it can be hard to hit the cadence/power sweet spot on the first try until I memorize the “perfect” ratio for a given wattage. Single sided power meter probably exacerbates this as well.


Slide Mountain tonight.


Hunter -1 in early days of Sweet Spot Base High Volume 2.


Started feeling sick again on Monday so I pushed out my workouts by one day and Mills went ok on Tuesday. Yesterday I was slammed at work and short on sleep. No surprise that today was a disaster, sigh. Just feeling marginal and not sure how to handle the rest of week 4.


Recover as best you can, then hit the weekend?


Pettit on the calendar tomorrow, going to bed now and will see how it goes tomorrow afternoon.




Push the whole plan out a week and start week 4 again when you are feeling better


I did Avalanche Spire yesterday, felt really good whilst doing it. I find that the 1 minute intervals in workouts are my fave, as by the time i get settled in to the new power level, the workout moves into another interval and I feel like i’m really progressing through it if that makes sense. Maybe it keeps my mind occupied?

Got Zwift and TR set up together now. Had a couple of power drop outs on the TR workout. Think i need to set TR going first and then Zwift, as i’m not massively bothered about drop outs on Zwift. Mainly riding that for the miles/visuals.

Red Lake +8 is my next workout. 5x6mins at 108% is going to be painful.


Leconte. Type 2 fun


Carpathian Peak +2. This was brutal, I took two backpedals during the first set, and then couldn’t muster the motivation to continue. This is now two of the last three workouts I’ve bailed on early. I was thinking I might insert a recovery week early, and see if that helps drop some fatigue and makes it easier to make it through.

I did have a particularly stressful day at work, before this. I probably could’ve more optimized fueling, but didn’t feel under fueled really, thought that would be fine. I probably also need to do a better job of getting more sleep, I pretty commonly only get 6-7 hours. So none of that helps, but I had been feeling plenty motivated to get on the bike, which had traditionally been the hard part.

I was planning on taking a recovery week next week, because that times nicely with my life schedule. Haven’t completely decided how I’m going to move my calendar around yet.


I feel your pain, brotha! No shame in calling it a day…especially when O/U get the better of you. :+1:





Taku, brutal lol


Antelope. My first ride over an hour since I got sick at the end of November - the last couple of intervals required a fair amount of focus, specially since I was doing trad base previously - 50 minutes at sweetspot was torture.

Now sticking a sweet potato in the oven and heading to the pool.


Gym tri of sorts, again.

Easy 1900m surprisingly fast at 36:30. 3300m in total.

Bike: Too hot again, bailed on my my 3min VO2max intervals as my brain was shutting down and Hr through the roof. So 1:30s instead, with a couple of comebacks in the final minute. Sadly I think I’m done with gym bike sessions, unless I can get a full fan in there its just pointless. Still, a decent amount of TSS to the pile.

Easy treadmill for my first Zwift Run! Actually feels a bit pointless given my iPhone+ is too small to watch on the gym treadmill.
No noise from my right calf either :+1: