What workout did you do today?


Not a bad sweet spot session. 4 sets with 1 min between of 3 and 4 minute blocks with 10secs in between those. Legs have been all over the place so didn’t know how it was going to go but it was fine.


Cheated and rode Zwift this morning… I feel so dirty.

Just rode nice and steady for 2:25hr with one 4min VO2 effort and some very low sweet spot sprinkled in. 241w avg and 157TSS and I’m back on track after a busy work week.


Yesterday at lunch was a steady continuous swim of 1500 yards

This morning was Donner pass, looks like I went a bit too hard… so I’ve bumped FTP down by 5 watts. As my HR was creeping up in to ranges not normally seen during this workout I put a cap on effort and didn’t push beyond 165. While I did get some power records, I think it was still a bit of overreaching for this week of the plan, so that is why I bumped it down, I don’t want my bike workouts to make everything else suffer.


Kaweah as first threshold of SSB2 MV. Ouchy, but made it through cleanly. I was cursing Chad before the 5th interval.

QUESTION for anyone: Any ideas what might have caused the power drop out during the third interval? It happened after one of the standing surges. Cadence never dropped off (as you can see where cadence drops every minute from the standing), but the power input dropped out, and then it looks like it would try to restore every minute or so but cut out. It came back on when I grabbed the iPad to check the battery on the Vectors, and it was at 85%. TR consistently said “2 paired” throughout… just seems odd that only the power input would drop out and not the cadence if it was a Bluetooth or power meter issue. This has happened maybe two other times in about two months. Any ideas? If not, I can ask support. TIA.

Dumb fluid trainer with dual sided Vector 3s connected to iPad Mini via BT.


I went to the golf club after work and had a coffee. After an hour I succumbed and had a pint. No training after that. I did think about a workout though


Mount Field today - wanted to complete a good ride after bailing out on Tuesday - felt a lot better today


First thing to check is the tyre; accumulated rubber, pressure, etc, then the battery of the meters, but of course if you see white stuff roaming out of the turbo (as I did last year) it could in fact be the trainer.


Thanks! It definitely wasn’t tire slip and the tire is fine (Conti Hometrainer, no rubber lost on the trainer drum). I was still working at the same intensity through the entire interval and then shifted for the recovery, maintaining my cadence where it was during the work interval and prior recovery intervals, so I did the same effort, just wasn’t registering with the app. Then it pretty much came back without me doing anything except checking the pairing screen… seemed like either an issue with the power meter or the app BT interface.


The biggest workout at the end of HV SSB2, Tallac +4. Been looking at it since September wondering if I’d ever get through it. Mentally tough but proud of myself for getting here. Did it at 102% so feeling like my next ramp test should show a decent gain.


Hmm. Could be. I saw the regular periodic drop outs and that usually corresponds to something mechanical…like wheel rotation. I’ve not seen signal drops like that myself, but this is the wrong thread for troubleshooting!

Good luck.


I had Baxter today.

Went into it with a poor attitude, expecting it to be easy. It wasn’t.

Got through it ok, but a poor night’s sleep last night probably didn’t help.



seem to be having a mental breakdown around 3/4 of way into session gone soft need to tough if out :grimacing:


Clouds Rest +3 - just about closing out week 3 of Rolling Road Race HV feeling very good - starting to be race ready both with my weight and my fitness


Red Lake +8 for me today.

Disgusting workout. The in workout text is true though, the later intervals did feel more manageable.


What plan do you follow this with, if any?

I was planning to move into RRRHV but with no real early season A race anymore (had to cancel due to travel issues) I was considering doing SSBHV and adding in some freestyle threshold work on outdoor rides to maintain/build fitness without too much fatigue. Just finishing the last hard week of General Build HV.

I’m hoping to sharpen up by early May and hopefully won’t be on the trainer much after early April.


50km Recovery ride doing Tour du Zwift…

during which I attempted jumping from one blob to another… nice 600w effort proved that was fairly easy. Last bit was the volcano climb so thought I’d put in a decent effort and try and get a new PR, beat my 8.46… Stuck it around the 370W/4w/kg and got a nice 7:45… looking at my zones, that’s a nice VO2 max interval and felt like I could have given it far more or gone on far longer. x6 PRs on TR too… Trainer road is sure making me a fitter and faster cyclist


Outdoor ride. Not really sure what more to add about this.


First time doing any of the Spanish Needle workouts, came up in my plan. while I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it, I never felt like it was going to beat me, still was glad when it was over!


Clark today, Bumped FTP down by 5 watts after yesterday’s Donner. This felt more like it should: hard, but not too hard. Clark is more of a sweet spot workout compared to threshold efforts in Donner though, but this is matching how it’s felt in the past.


My sons first trainer ride :tada::tada::tada: - I’m trying to help his physio therapy with cycling - on Zwift :slight_smile:

Of course I did my own TR session first !