What workout did you do today?


Andrews. My first workout at the new FTP so a nice endurance ride was perfect. Felt good and was able to watch the first episode of titans in Netflix.


Great work by both of you! :+1:t3::muscle:t2::bike::dash:


Winchell +3 today. Awesome workout. I highly recommend. Does anyone know which program it is in?


If you go to the workouts and search for it then it will tell you, being a variation it may not be in any


I never knew you could do that. Cool! Good to know that little easter egg. Winchell is in some of the road race plans and the HIT maintenance but +3 is not.


I made it a Zwift day as well…

50 minutes pedaling around in endurance mode and decided to jump in a race for my threshold work. Set a hard 30min stop so I wouldn’t over do it. Then another hour of endurance with one more 15 min threshold effort.

The race was actually pretty interesting. Jumped in the A’s and it wasn’t too crazy. I only figured out I could coast 25 min in though… I’ll definitely do more of that if I decide to race a full event. I wound up with a half an hour right at 315w (4.3w/kg for me) and was basically moving back and forth through the top 20 of the front group without killing my self.

Back on TR tomorrow with 6x15 sweetpot…


Junction -1 today. I somehow manged to drop my chain for one sprint interval :confounded: Kinda glad next week is recovery week. Legs are bit heavy.


That’s a solid effort before recovery week!


Just finished Mary Austin -1. This was scheduled for next week, but I moved it to this week to see if I had better luck on it than I did on Carpathian Peak +2, which I failed earlier in the week. I had been considering doing an early recovery week, as I had a few rough workouts in a row. I even put it on my calendar. And then I felt motivated and ready to get at it again yesterday, so I thought I’d give this a go as a tester workout to see how it felt.

So this was hard. Felt like I was running out of gas on the second set. Tried dropping cadence a little bit on the last set, and it made a HUGE difference in how easy it felt. I didn’t think my cadence had been that high, I pretty commonly ride 90-110 or so. But lower helped. A lot. Also all of the cadence drops in the first set were erroneous data, kept dropping by exactly half for some reason. Added some Z2 at the end, since I was feeling good. Started to get tired towards the end, and thought a nice round 2 hours sounded good. Hit an all time 2 hour power record 6 watts up from previous.

My 2 year old woke up from her nap early, and came in the workout room during one of the intervals. She asked me to ride with one of her stuffed animals. So I put it on the bars for a little bit, before she ran off to go play.


That feeling you get after knocking out the last set of over unders is magical.


Ebbetts today after Field Mount yesterday, 2 days consecutive training and upping the intensity getting back into it ahead of Sustained Power Build. Outdoor ride tomorrow.


How was it @bbarrera? Also, thanks for changing your picture and confusing me no end :thinking:


Galena+1 for me today:

I was pleased. The last half of the last segment hurt, and I had to dig a little to get through it but I did it and was OK. Last time I did Galena I damn near died…


@Scheherazade hey hope all is well up on the arctic tundra! Still not feeling well and worked a couple hours this morning. Rolled the dice on planned workout and came up short. Had to squeeze that one in, in the end figured it was better to continue working around ftp and slowly get stronger with only 2 intervals than to do an aerobic endurance ride. Kinda mad we celebrated brother-in-laws birthday a day early, it was sunny and 61F / 16C at 1pm so coulda done a nice outside :biking_man:t3:‍♂ if it wasn’t for family harrumph LOL


Say hello to Sean Kelly?


Palisade was planned. Minus -1 seemed like a better plan whilst watching the sleeper between the colts and chiefs. As the workout texts aptly points out, it’s psychological as well. Minus 1 is seemingly just as painful.

My TSS will be a little lower for the week, however, I had no desire to sit on a trainer for 90 minutes today and 120 tomorrow. That’s the way it goes. I don’t mind the time I get back with my kiddo my buttocks is appreciative as well.


I’m going to follow my first A race of the season (which will hit during the last 3 days of week 8 of RRRHV) with a large training block (Monday-Thursday of the following week) and then some downtime. I’m going to take around two weeks of lower volume and lower intensity just to get my brain and legs back. I’ll then roll into General build and work towards my second peak of the season in mid-June.

Hard to say what you should do given no real targets on the calendar. If you start 12 weeks of base now you’ll be starting a build cycle in mid-late April…not ideal for a May sharpening. Maybe go back and do SSBII and then roll back into build - gets you better timing for that May timeframe


Thanks for the advice. Im probably going to freestyle things and just look at TSS vs intensity to judge. Might be doing a stage race in early May so throw in a big block of work in April but not 100%.

Was planning on hitting SDSR and Gila to treat myself after four years off the bike, but life has decided that that much travel from NY isn’t an option anymore. At least there’s Killington and GMSR…


Tallac +4 was the last tough workout of General Build HV. Pretty sure it’s time to adjust my FTP again. I’ve been conservative with my progress since I started off the couch low 200s in August but I don’t think I should be able to skip all the rest intervals in a 2hr SS workout… Just hid TR and watched power and 2016 Flanders. Prob helped that Sep Vanmarcke was hurting worse than I was.

Looking forward to a rest week.


Both are B targets for me this year - dunno if I’ll have the motivation to race Killington but definitely want to get up for GMSR even if I’m in full fat slow season by then (hard for me to have a February peak and still be racing that late in the year)