What workout did you do today?


I’m hoping to hit both because I’ve always done ok in stage races with some climbing like Cascade and Mt Hood. But I could also blow up well before then.

I know my fitness ceiling can’t be too much further out given it’s my first year back. Just hoping to race a fair bit and shut it down when I hit it. Maybe regroup for some cx and try to do the same next year.

I’ve had my points for cat2 within a season of racing from cat4 a couple times in the past and never upgraded due to more kids, new job, moving, etc. Figure getting there before I’m 40 seems like a good goal…

Good luck with your season.


Would love to do either or both of those, have never gotten a chance (or felt fit enough) to do them. Not sure how much road I’ll do, maybe one of the ninigret crits and Harvard road race (sponsored by my club, if you’re local please attend!)

Did Andrews today to wrap up SSB1 HV, feeling good, definitely itching to get back to the SS work though. Planning to up my target 5w, hoping I can get to bump up a little more, but I’m doubtful I’ve improved 10w. We’ll see!


Fletcher, and with it the end of SSB1! Averaged 365 TSS over the plan and got a healthy 25W bump in my FTP.


Woke up to see this outside today

So went on a nice snow run with my yaktrax.


Round Bald for me today. Felt really good, enjoyed that one!


Was slated for Tallac +3 today, but since I’ve been feeling good and next week is a recovery week I decided to do Pendleton instead. I was a worried it’d be tough, but it wasn’t too bad…though I am a sweetspot kind of guy. :wink:

Also, since it was a long-ish ride, I did intervals #2 and #5 standing…on rollers…fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also tried a Sagan-inspired post ride carb refuel:


Well today was a scheduled rest day, but it was only -6C and the sun was shining so we headed out for a wee XC ski. 10h14m of swim/bike/run/ski/strength for the week.


3 hours indoors on the kickr :skull: looking forward to a rest week!


I did Avalanche Spire today because I needed a “win” – after ramp testing between SSB LV1 and SSB LV2 my FTP went up modestly from 280 to 285. Since that point, I have failed (backpedaling, dialing down the intensity…) about 90% of my workouts.

I was scheduled to to Mary Austin today, but after doing VO2 work yesterday I felt another “fail” on the horizon… so I did the kinder, gentler over/under of Avalanche Spire. And I nailed it – and it’s a HARD workout…all over/unders are hard…just less hard than Mary Austin.

It truly gave me a psychological lift to hit all my power marks and not be grinding the pedals to a halt, or truly looking at the duration left on an interval and feeling impossibly over-matched. Don’t know if I’m in a rut, or not recovered enough…or whatever. But I feel back on track (at least for today) by finally drilling a session.

It’s been a while.


Clark was waiting for me this morning!


Did the same. Avalanche Spire. For the same reason. Felt good.


Laurel followed by Glassy.

Crappy, cold weekend. I went out on the road yesterday with a group but wasn’t going for that two days in a row. I’ve got a ramp test scheduled for Tuesday. Can’t wait. :tired_face:


Hunter. I cut it short. Had to back pedal twice on the first interval. Dropped to 95% for part of the second and called it a day a little over 1:30 in. Just didn’t have the fuel, long day yesterday and poor nutrition, definitely felt it. Looking forward to getting some good rest and food then back at Tuesday.


Ansel Adams -1 for me this morning.

I was rough as a dog towards the back end of last week so I skipped a workout, took two days rest and then rode outside on Saturday and Sunday.

This hit me hard. I was targeting 380 but averaged 375 for the intervals. Not too shabby but clearly I’m not out of the woods yet. Rest tomorrow and then onward!


Did a self-created under over workout with some cadence work thrown in. 4x16min then an aerobic block to finish it off.

Inspired by…




This was much easier than I’d expected. My HR only raised to 138, normally I’d expect 145-148 for an endurance ride. I did turn the fan on but was feeling pretty chilly. :snowman:

2x750m Powerade
2x750ml water
2x bananas
2x pieces chocolate

I had a few signal outages and took toilet/refuel break at two hours, but slowly the interruptions got more frequent until I just had to stop. :exclamation:

Good news was that 3h15 In to it I felt fine, a bit fatigued in the butt cheeks, and perhaps the legs weren’t keen on aero anymore but there would have been no trouble finishing the last hour. :+1:


Baird +6 tonight, all ok. But, those were only very short vo2max repeats, we’ll see how the later ones in the General Build Mid Vol go. :wink:


Just Dans tonight.


Monitor +1 tonight – it’s a harder-than-it-looks Sweet Spot number. After the 5th interval those breaks of only one minute really start to back up… pretty good substitute for those (like me) who dread the monotony of workouts with 12-15 minute intervals…


Back in the university lab for 6 more wingate sprints and testing blood lactate. As part of this study, I applied topical gel x this week. Next week it’s the other. Study lead is blinded too so he doesn’t know which gel is the active ingredient. Goal is to see if lactate production is reduced and power increases (especially in the later ones).

Lactate was nice 2.1 during warm up, 9 something 2 minutes after the first 20s sprint, and 17.7 after the 5th. Caliper BF% measured at 10.7. Goal is still to get to 150lb/68kg by race season, hopefully will lose all fat and drop 2% BF.