What workout did you do today?


Cruised through this one this morning. Only moderate RPE. I question how useful this session is.


Always good times to see what workouts you dream up! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Today was RAMP! aaannddd…bleh. :unamused:

Five weeks of SPBHV to get a 6.6% gain (to 305).
Maybe all that work I did in my Monster Month will show up down the road…or maybe it just got eaten by the Dementor of Fatigue. :scream: I dunno.

Took a super chill recovery week so not a lot of great sensations in the ol’ legs. Will have to keep that in mind for next ramp – either do a warm-up the day of or an opener w/o the previous day.

Anyway…start SSBHV2 w/ Antelope +5 tomorrow.


Avalanche Spire +1 this morning, failed this one halfway through last week (more mental fatigue than psychical fatigue).

So I am glad I got through this one, I did drop the intensity by 3% on the last 4 minutes of the final interval as I was struggling to keep my cadence in the right zone.

Definitely not one of my favorite workouts.


Had a poor week last week with only 2.5 sessions out of the planned 5. New anti-depressant tablets and they are knocking me out a bit.
I decided to redo the week in the plan SSMV 2 and so did Taylor -1 again. Smashed it. Felt good, completely rested and my HR was lower overall by about 3 beats and the last 30 second was also 3bpm lower. I was buzzing afterwards.


I think I had to crank that one down about half way through. It was that, or throw in the towel. It’s not nice.


Bashful+6 got through it ok consindering the short nights sleep i had


I’d be thrilled with that kind of gain, good job! I’m hoping for at least a 2% gain from doing ssbhv, we’ll see today!


Are you really complaining about a 6.6% gain in FTP in 5 weeks?


I’m doing that in an hour or so and filling pants at the thought . I struggle with over /unders, is it as hard as those ?

Yours in fear


Similar to me, just did ramp test starting SSBMV2 ans went from 280-286 but had to bail on some of the over unders ! Did kaweah and Geiger last week and only had to stop 2-4 times for like 10 seconds each time. Think I now know the pain required to complete HIT workouts as I never feel that sort of pain when riding outside (I don’t race or TT)! Taylor-2 up tonight and it looks rough…hope I can complete it without caving in! 120% of FTP…14 times for 30 secs in each interval…3 intervals !! :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Easier in my opinion. If working on an ERG mode trainer just ramp into the interval before the trainer does so you arent fighting the resistance on the way up.

My approach… at t minus 5 seconds… spin up cadence to spin up the fly wheel… at t minus 2 seconds start shifting 3-4 gears harder. At the beep I should be around or slightly over the target power which then settles over the next 5 seconds.


Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Complain that we did a bad test, that our FTP is too low, and then crack on the first 7 workouts?! :laughing:

But seriously…I was gunning for more. At least I know FTP is just a fuzzy metric and can be wiggled if need be (i.e. a lousy test does not mean a lousy FTP). Hopefully I’ll find a big chunk at the other end of SSBHV2.


I don’t think so - 6% is a huge increase over that amount of time, you shouldn’t be upset about that type of gain


Hmmm…maybe that’s why my lovely wife laughed when she asked how much I was short and I said “3-4%”. :thinking:


Tried Dardanelle -1 today after a rest last weekend. Was pretty brutal but managed to just about get through albeit being 5% lower than the target power for the last interval.

I think a session like this a week after an FTP change it so tough. 13 mins at near FTP is just savage. Gritting my teeth and getting through it with the hope that they’ll get more manageable as I get used to work at this power level.

Do others find the same? At what point after an FTP change do you find longer sweetspot/VO2 intervals are tough but manageable i.e. you can meet the target power throughout? I’m hoping the pain is making the right adaptations to progress


Learned my lesson and stopped doing VO2 w/o immediately after a ramp/FTP bump. :no_good_man: I wasn’t failing them but they were haaarrrddd! I now structure the first week in increasing zones, Endurance --> VO2.

You can, however, escape the pain by doing only the SSBHV plan, which consists of only sweet spot work… :confused:


posted in another thread but took ramp test today, couldn’t even break even (I usually can’t). per test I’m 268w FTP, per real life I’ve done SSB1HV @ 275w and felt too easy, I’m ignoring test and going to 280 (i’m actually about to do a 30min version of geiger at 285 just to see how it feels)


I did Donner today and it’s just a week after an FTP change. It required a lot of focus and a few tricks to distract myself. 12 minute intervals at threshold was tough. However, after the second interval I evaluated myself and said, my legs are fine, my heart is fine, it’s just my brain that is telling me this is hard. I told my brain to get over it.


following up on 38mins ago lol Did Geiger -5 (2x13min sweet spot over 30mins) at 285w, 10w above my prior ftp and 17w above what I ramp tested today lol Workout felt appropriately hard for a sweet spot effort, we’ll see if I can stick with 285 for a bit


Depending on your goals, time available, etc. It might be worth doing the mini vo2 block for a week or two.

Alternatively accept the ramp test doesn’t suit you and go back to 8/20 minute tests.

@chad @nate is there any chance we could get the mini vo2 block Chad has described as a dedicated speciality plan in the specials section?