What workout did you do today?


Well I was thinking of doing the mini vo2 block later this year, maybe before I get into build for CX, I can definitely see something like that getting me primed for the training. Since I’m doing HV SSB, I really don’t care about the vo2 at the moment since all I’m doing is SS


Thought it over…comparing my Dec vs Jan ramp and the power levels which increased:
(I know the ramp test isn’t a proxy for a power curve, but still interesting)

December --> January
1s --> 15s (+140%)
5s --> 2min (+240%)
30s --> 4min (+700%)
1min --> 4.5min (+350%)
2min --> 5min (+150%)
5min --> 8min (+60%)
10min --> 12.5min (+25%)
20min --> 22min (+20%)

I guess maybe all that work did pay off, I just had to look a bit harder to find out where it landed.


goodness gracious you probably already know this but gains come on many different levels. For a given training block, I like to think of emphasis across several dimensions:

  • FTP
  • repeatability
  • duration
  • aerobic endurance
  • recovery
  • mental toughness

Each training block is different. Evaluate results achieved across appropriate dimensions, and not focus on a single number.

High Volume SSB Feedback

I just did. :wink:

But considering the A race I’m training for is a TT, I’d like to see those numbers in and around FTP rise as much as possible.


ha ha, I wasn’t fast enough in my reply :smile: And I think your goal is more closely aligned to sustained power in aero position for the duration of TT (and taking course profile into consideration). If that happens to align with FTP, so be it.

not sure if this has been posted before, worth a read: https://www.powertap.com/post/blog-my-ftp-wont-go-up


Freel +1 today. The RPE for the second set was super high! Completed without reduction though.


Galena +3 last 10 minuts did hurt


Dade -1 it was hard but I felt really good at the end of it


58min, 9.5km hill run part xc at lunch

1h06 Base Swim + Sprint Intervals

The last few sprints I had to take an extra 5s, those were tough!


Carpathian Peak. I threw this in at the start of SSBMV2 to give myself a test and start boosting my weekly TSS a little. Tough ride, one of those ones that just effing hurts enough to make you doubt yourself but you can gut it out to the finish.


A spiky one this evening - Striped. Only just making the minute intervals and the 45 seconds were very tough as well. Feeling it in my shins, and left hip for some reason…bit weird / worrying. The 30 second / 15 second intervals by contrast were easy enough, strange how the extra seconds take their toll, even at lower intensity.


Bluebell. I felt pretty strong, ate / hungry all day after doing this in the morning. I really do feel better doing VO2 efforts now as opposed to 12 months ago.


Yesterday and todays.
Matthes +1 not sure why, but the app switched to inRide power part way through, after I calibrated.
Hard one. Had a burrito, a beer and a shot of soju immediately before this ride… end of interval 2 I almost sprayed beans into the fan.
Deerhorn the app stuck with Stages the whole time. It’s a good one. These are my favorite efforts; sweetspot work with a threshold or vo2 burst and directly back into sweet spot with no rest.

Keep having this issue with the app pulling from a consistent power source.
I always test at the beginning of the ride by unclipping my foot from the Stages crank while I keep pedaling with my right. If the power drops to zero then the stages is the source. If not it’s inRide. I always ‘wake’ the stages crank first to connect to the app and it uses it as the source. But it seems, like on Matthes, if I calibrate inRide it will override the stages power.


Nice effort! :muscle:
Is this in your plan or just something you picked out?

I have it down the road in a few months so just fishing around for any Striped insights.


You know when you do something that ‘seemed’ clever at the time? Well, this.

First race of the season this weekend, three weeks ahead of when I usually start. So I thought I’d get a gauge of where I was…

I don’t think I’ll be out the back but I certainly won’t be off the front either. No way was I hitting those sprints so I opted for consistency.


It’s in the Cyclocross specialty phase. I’ve finished that plan now but I go back and cherry pick workouts do to in between races just to try to maintain a bit of fitness.

I think it’s quite an interesting one, I like the variation. Maybe feels like it goes a bit quicker that a set of flat intervals evenly spaced.


Bluebell. Went well, bumped the intensity a few percent, uncomfortable but doable. Although the trainer did start to lose the plot in the middle set of intervals. Kept overshooting by 100W or so before settling down (keeping smooth steady cadence) then in the 5th interval it ramped up to 420W odd rather than 330 and didn’t come back down… :joy:

Bailed on that interval after 40 seconds of hoping it might come back down as I didn’t want to ruin the rest of the workout.

Switched into resistance to lower the intensity and then back to erg and that seemed to fix it.


Makes me feel dizzy just looking at this!


Did the Baird-1 yesterday morning. Felt strong on the turbo, and started to increase intensity for the last set. Ended up going full blast during last two intervals. Perhaps, a new ramp test is in order soon.


Did basin whilst completing Stage 5 of Tour de Zwift in Richmond. Made this particular boring event (Richmond) more interesting. Unfortunately the other half came in whilst I was approaching the end of the third interval, also had just reach the Banner at the top of the steep climb on Zwift… too much distraction at once…thinking I’d finished the interval I eased off…only to discover many seconds later it was still requesting 466W… hit the spiral of death on the trainer…by the time I recovered interval was over… Grrrr!

Anyway this one felt good, didn’t have to get out of the saddle as requested…I’m sure people were questioning my riding style, jumping from Blob to blob whilst doing the interval!