What workout did you do today?


Baird +6

That was a dirty workout


5.3km Run, could decide whether it was easy or mara pace, ended up half mara pace I think and a PR on one segment :roll_eyes:

Bailed on TR again, for a couple of IPAs with some work colleagues…:japanese_goblin: ah, it was good to have a laugh though :+1:


Spruce knob, felt hard but good.


Ebbets today, getting into SSBMV2.

I’m giving myself 9.5 out of 10 for mental toughness on this one, I got a solid FTP bump before starting this week and the workout today was really hard, my legs were suffering and it was a real case of just gutting it out.

Definitely a rest day tomorrow, my body has spoken!


Lion Rock for me today, that mark’s GBLV half way done.
I changed the sequence of the workouts a bit to better fit my overall schedule. I did make sure to have a different type of workout in each week and not to put all VO2 or under/overs in the same week.

Taper session tomorrow morning, gym in the evening and then a 3 - 4 hour outside ride (Z2 ride) on Saturday as the weather should be good.
Petit on Monday and then probably the ramp test on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how the legs feel


Osceola on a Thursday can mean only one thing…racing at the weekend! :slight_smile:


A bit of a custom workout today … based on 8020


With snow finally arriving I could not motivate myself to do Darwin in the basement. Nordic-skiing for 52 mins. My Spagetti-arms are not fit for this :slight_smile:

Dont fear Trainerroad, my busy family schedule will bring me back to the basement again soon


Plenty of leg burn on last two sets… Zwift distraction really helped me get through this one…

Broken Finger +2 next then a day off followed by Tour de Zwift Stage 6 (might just use this as a recovery ride but have a weeks taper coming up)


Junction -1 Wow this was hard !!!


2500m Swim, 300 WU/WD 1900m TT

My turn to be rude in the pool :roll_eyes:

Aquarobics or whatever had consumed half the pool leaving only two lanes, the mid speed with five people crowding it, I joined the slow lane with just one old lady in it. The waves they were generating gave it an OW simulation feel to my fairly pedestrian 1:49-2:07/100m c.38min 1900 TT

All was going well with me easily passing wide until a third joined the lane, and the old lady switched for an awful backstroke to a paddle powered FC as I hit the turn to pass her, consequently misjudging her new pace and cutting her up to avoid the oncoming traffic. :flushed::pleading_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

I apologised twice but she wasn’t having it, “To be fair you shouldn’t even be here.” I left it at that point, figuring discretion is the better part of valour etc.


Ugh @JoeX you have my sympathies. My pool has been terrible recently as well; this is on top of the usual issues of it’s too hot (29C) and they don’t put up lane ropes for lane swim (wut?!). I skipped early bird swim this morning so I will have to brave the lunchtime crowd. My current hope is that this is true and things are a bit quieter:


@Scheherazade Lets hope the strava prediction comes true in the next days…

I feel with you @JoeX, this morning early bird with a record 10 ppl on a 25scm lane. You have to pass constantly. Some people don’t like to be passed and work against you. A fellow athlete in the lane later said she had three bruises and a blue eye for breakfast. True race-specific triathlon training!


Lazy Mountain. It was my first ride 8 days after a minor surgery. Active recovery never felt so hard!


Tackled Mount Field last night. First real workout since I bumped my FTP up by 5%. It’s going to be in the 20’s this weekend in Dallas so I’ll be getting some long TR rides in. :slightly_smiling_face:


That was a hard one :grimacing: But I like over-unders (in sick way) :joy:


I did Tallac as part of 70.3 base MV. Back to long sweet spot after a little while. Missed it



Endurance Friday on SSB2 HV, Andrews. Felt good, maybe a little tougher at the 75% end of things but I chalk it up to still getting adapted to being up 4%, but HR wasn’t abnormally high for the effort.

I’ve started using Myfitnesspal to try and drop 7-10lbs while I still can during base. I’m hoping the food tracking will just help me stop what is a constant grazing on handfuls of wheat thins or cheerios or whatever crunchy carbs I have around, and focus on meals where I can log stuff as opposed to just grabbing handfuls of stuff throughout the day


Yeah the grabbing handfuls of stuff is lethal to me, specially nuts.


Time Crunched Bear Creek this evening. Sure I remember Coach Chad saying that a short session before a race is a good idea so I thought I’d give it a whirl.