What workout did you do today?


Ta, I think it takes a bit of conditioning but I don’t really find it tedious at all.

The first 15-20 minutes warming up I spend with my own thoughts or a quick bit of browsing, then a film, an episode, a bit of reading and then some music or a bit of TV and it’s done.

Getting up at 5:15AM to be on the bike for just after 6AM having finished yesterday’s ride little over 12 hours before is more of a chore :sweat_smile:


AM – Fasted Polar Bear -3

PM – The Dreaded Palisade

I almost bailed on the last O/U of the last interval but managed to pull it out of the rhubarb.

I bet Coach Chad is gonna dress up as Palisade on Halloween to scare all the neighbourhood kids.


Townsend - 1:30:00 of Endurance


This morning I completed Huffaker. I learnt two things during this session.

  1. Read the session notes.
  2. VO2 Max sessions are not the nicest start to a Monday morning.

Still, I managed to complete it at 100% so onwards and upwards.


I just could not time my 20s Intervals today, looks like I over did a touch it on the whole though from the IF/TSS.


Warlow, 1h30 of over/unders. Hard but just about manageable.



I think if you can go harder than the prescribed power, the text usually says to go right ahead


Spencer today. Sufficiently hard. Followed up by a short swim today at noon.


Carillon for me today. Was okay, felt pretty good :slight_smile:


Tunnabora for me today. Slight issue with my cranks right at the beginning of the first ladder, swiftly fixed it. Then at the end of the first ladder my laptop froze up and had to reboot it. Luckily the workout saved so I could resume but I may have lost up to 5 minutes. Those issues aside I really nailed it again, these under ten minute sweetspot intervals are really working for me right now. Longer intervals such as in Eclipse still need work, I specifically failed Eclipse this weekend. Main takeaway is that I now physically and way more importantly mentally own these shorter interval sweetspot workouts!


Did that one yesterday, I thought it was relatively easy until I woke up this morning and felt that my legs were a bit sore/sluggish.

Did not expect that after Carillon


Huxley for me; the ‘lap 3’ intervals were horrible and I couldn’t stick to the wattages and go with the attacks. For the second and third time around I had to swap to resistance mode to get through as best I could.

Had some trouble with resistance mode (first time using it) and had to stop a few times to try and get the % slider somewhere sensible.


8 minute FTP test.

Went from 281 to 291, 3.95 w/kg.

I’m giving caffeine the credit for this one!


Same one for me, too. Was quite easy, actually. :slight_smile:


8 Min FTP Test coming up for me today.




Warlow yesterday, legs still feel tired, Tunnabora for me tonight.


Tunnabora for me this morning as well. 1st workout after my “between SSB1 Week 3 and 4” rest week. Hurt more than I thought it would, hopefully it’s just my legs getting the feel back. We’ll find out on Thursday, I guess.


Geiger +1 for me today. Went fine, feel like I’ve got my breathing technique dialled in for the longer SS work now.

Was meant to be Galena today, but didn’t feel mentally up for it! Will do it on Friday after an easy spin tomorrow.


Carson +2 day for me… I’m working through SSB Mid 1 at the moment, using an FTP from a test I performed JUST after a month of post-season recovery and a bit of a cold. I have a feeling I’m rising fairly quickly back to my previous numbers because I’m selecting + versions of most workouts and finding them easier as I work through the plan. Carson +2 is meant to be 0.81 IF and I completed at 0.85 IF because I couldn’t help but drift over the prescribed power for most of the intervals. Nice feeling, but come next ramp test before SSB Mid 2 I imagine I’ll be suffering a whole lot more!