What workout did you do today?


I hadn’t really thought of that, but you’re probably right.

I thought it was strange, problems twice in a row when I can’t recall last time I had an issue with another swimmer before. Could be that I’m swimming more regularly and at odd times too I suppose.


Monroe +2. Only my fourth workout on TR. So hard, after one set I couldn’t believe I had six more to go… The last set was possibly the hardest I’ve ever worked on a turbo. HR of 190± throughout (my max is 200)


Clark. Kinda underestimated how much harder the stomps at the beginning would make each interval, but made it through fine. Played around with gearing and erg mode on the new Kickr Core. Didn’t see much difference between using big ring vs. small ring, TBH. Powermatch seems fine, too. I didn’t really care for erg mode during the stomps, but since 98% of the workout is steady state, went with it over resistance mode. Can definitely see where resistance mode would be better for sprint or short interval main set workouts.

That said, erg mode is a relentless task master.


Started to do dunderberg +1 but 22mins in to the FTP bit I was kind of over it. Did baird +6 instead. Turns out it was just what I felt like, hardish short intervals.


That looks like one hell of a session!


Kaweah My notes for this workout back in March said “ouch”… no change this time either, this work never fails to deliver the hurt.



Probably the hardest workout I’ve done in the last 10 weeks on TR (in terms of effort at least). Found I had to count down the whole of the final interval in 2 min, then 1 min, then 30 second chunks.


Kaweah :weary::tired_face::scream:


Palisade. Slowly mounting fatigue made this fairly uncomfortable, proper test of mental strength!


Mary friggin Austin - 1

Humbling experience.


Baxter. Last day of a recovery week. And work dictates I jump in tomorrow with Mills.


106 km outside ride keeping the heart rate low.
Great weather to ride outside today; sunny, hardly any wind and about 0 degrees Celsius.

Those longer rides do take some getting used to again since my longest TR rides are 90 minutes


Work was pretty busy yesterday so I didn’t get to fill in during a quick break.

Did Jepson yesterday. This is one of those unsuspectingly hard workouts… only 4 x 8 minutes, and the sprints aren’t super high… but doing them from threshold efforts is pretty tough. HR did spike a bit during the sprints, but looks like it held steady during the threshold periods after (or recovered during the lowest power segments) confirming my FTP setting.

Swim a continuous 1500 yards during lunch on Friday. Decided it was a time to just swim at EZ PZ pace and get it over with.

This morning was a longish run instead of TR ride, as we’re about to get some nasty weather and I do not run on a treadmill. Kept the effort pretty steady, been seeing my running economy improve according to garmin metrics (vertical oscillation going down). Good thing I’ve got a buddy to run with so we talk it up and keep this to a pure conversation pace run.



Palisade! This one is always tough for me, out I nailed it today. I think it’s in my lineup again in a month.


Mount Goode. Started :muscle: Finished :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Springer Mountain - getting towards the end of week four of RRRHV - legs still feeling pretty beat up so hopefully I come around before Tuesday.

Done everything this week on the TT bike, getting used to my position again as prep for stage one of my upcoming stage race


First crit race of the season. Finished just outside the points at the head of the chasing group. Poor wheel choices on the first three laps made for a challenging afternoon.


Just a swim today but achieving personal records after some illness/plateau. I know we all wax lyrical about @chad’s cycling plans but I have seen some incredible improvements in my swimming following his tri plans. Thanks coach!


Tallac +3 (5x15 sweet spot). Definitely a good challenge with higher ftp but I nailed it. Even got a zwift orange kit


I’m about to do Townsend. It’s -22C feels like -35 with the wind outside. Not a chance that I will be stepping out the door today for anything less than an emergency.