What workout did you do today?


Strength training - shoveling snow :muscle::snowflake:

I’m wiped after 2 hrs of shoveling snow this morning. I figured I should add this as a workout to my calendar to capture the TSS!

Shoveled snow for an hour and bombed my workout

I did strength training for legs yesterday, followed by Mills today (doing SSBLV2 but missed mills during the week so rescheduled), for Mary Austin -1 tomorrow :neutral_face:

EDIT - i replied to a comment in the post not the post itself … silly mistake


Kaweah. You have to love the hurt with this one.

HR was largely stable with a small drift throughout the interval, so I knew it was a case of just hanging in there and trying to shut out the discomfort


Hunter. That was a slog.


That’s up for me in a few weeks. There is a local 70k sportive on the Sunday - think I might take the outdoor option instead!


Did that one today :wink:


That is a reasonable excuse … but you can move it to Monday too :wink:


It’s been awhile, finally back outside and had a great time. From Strava I see we rode past Nate’s ride/race.


i’m new to TR, heard horrible things about it, worried about it now but also looking forward to see what the fuss is about:rofl:


McAdie +1 - hate worthy


Antelope +5. Only my sixth ever workout on TR, and following the day after Monroe +2 was brutal.

I was so happy when they started to get fractionally easier, every set felt brutal.


Leconte. WTF.


Baxter -1

(Guess who has a ramp test coming up??)


I had wright peak -2 on the calender.

Decided to go with wright peak +2.
Pretty enjoyable. Glad I substituted in the harder session.


I didn’t know there was a mini-Nate


Eclipse +3 as part of SSBHV 2. Was really hard, especially with the short intervals going up in power.


Carpathian Peak +2

Ouch. Had to drop power quite a bit on the third set and part of the second. Two RR breaks and drank 48 oz of water. Offspring interruptions, SO interruptions, this is why prefer to train before they are awake. :sweat_smile:
Really though, needed better sleep and better food.


Reinstein followed by Homers Nose. That third interval in Reinstein really kicked my butt.


Brasstown for me today:

Last of the recovery week in Sustained Power Build. Now two rest days, and onto ramp test before…Part II of Sustained Power Build!



Spanish Needle -3