What workout did you do today?


Currently doing Big Squaw Jesus it’s a session in dealing with boredom how anyone does traditional base I’ll not know


Don’t let our hype in this thread get to you. A lot of us are just plain happy to have made it through a particular work out. But Trainer Road isn’t about individual work outs. Keep that in mind.

For me the fuss is about well thought out training plans, training plans that simply take time to give good, solid results. I’m finishing up the last of Sweet spot blocks now (as a beginner) and I can’t say that any particular work out did the trick, but following the plans as they are laid out, one by one, every week, leads you up to the point where you can do one of these work outs that we’re moaning and groaning about … and you can make it. … If, IF, you follow the plan. That is the trick.

And that trick is well worth making a fuss about. We get a lot of expertise for very little money.

Edit: I can’t quite figure out “I’m new to Trainer Road” and “I’m doing Mary Austin tomorrow” … it is in block two of the Sweet spot plans … I hope you are following the progression.


As usual Taku to warm up (in full this time).

Followed up by the impressively brutal (it says so in the instructions!!) Baird +2. I actually can’t believe I finished this one! Though it’s by far one of the roughest power graphs I’ve ever produced from a TR workout.


So the left is why I did the right today.


Antelope +5 week 1 of SSB2 HV done well, my decision to push myself to 285 from 275, despite the bad testing, was a good one. Even at 94% my HR didn’t really cross over 160, which for me feels like the edge between ss and true threshold

Now I have to go shovel snow :frowning:


So, yesterday was Raymond +7. I managed to suffer my way through teh first interval at 100%, but had to dial down the remaining 3 to 95%. I think the Vo2 max session on Thursday left me under-recovered - The whole workout really was dreadful.

Today saw me do Spruce Knob (Where do they get the names from?!)

Really enjoyed this one, felt really good. I find i can get in the zone and just keep plugging away at the longer sweetspot sessions!

A little disappointing is my trusty Garmin HR strap has died after just over 2 years of use. Think my sweat must have finally killed it :frowning:


Baxter-2 My first ride after a week off due to a head cold. My selection of ride was definitely influenced by @Nate could not go wrong with Baxter, it was a great choice finished feeling good !


Frustrated signal cutouts I reckon I did more than the session required but only 2/3 recorded. It’s either battery, interference or failing pedals :scream:

Signal let down my sons Zwift session too :rage:

At least I can check it off. :slightly_smiling_face:


Pettit this morning as the last taper ride before doing the mid-GBLV ramp test on Wednesday or Thursday.

I have done all my workouts in ERG mode, would doing the remainder of GBLV in non-ERG mode be better as it is more like outdoor (shifting gears) or would sticking with ERG mode be better?

Since the start of the year I have added an outdoor recovery ride to my schedule just to get the road feel back and also to get myself accustomed to long days on the bike again.


I did Glassy yesterday. Tonight I’ve got Dans for some active recovery and a core workout. Something more interesting on Tuesday (Ericsson, I think).


Taylor -2

Quite frankly, after that workout if I see Taylor - 1 or taylor appear in my workout plan I’m going to ride my bike into the sea instead


I did wright-1 (3x30’ sweetspot with breaks). It felt relative easy. Third block was mentally tough, so i did some low cadence work


Ramp test. Just finished SSB LV2

New FTP 289…up from 285. I’m hoping for a bigger jump after General Build. My dream of 4W/kg mandates that I need to be around a 310 FTP, and this inching up is just killing me.


Bashful +6 tonight, went all ok.


I am indeed following the plan. I did SBLV1 and currently on SSBLV2 week 5 starting tomorrow. I meant relatively knew to TR having only started in November


New battery seems to have fixed connectivity issues. Knackered after the session, I can only think that the cold is having an effect…


Ramp test today. Plus 10W and now 3.65W/kg on the way to 4.


Rooting for you, I’m aiming at a similar FTP for the start of this season and I think it’s within reach. Push hard, recover well, and eat eat eat.

Yesterday I rode Juneau -1, I skipped a lot of these 2h workouts in SSBMV last year so aiming to really focus on some longer intervals this year. Going well so far, crushed it and felt great after!


So after noodling through Taylor -2 last week and wondering why it seemed really easy, today called for Bluebell. Last week, I was on a Fluid2 (dumb) trainer, and never saw HR above 154 (LTHR ~176). Today, on a Kickr Core in Erg mode, I noticed that the 1:00 intervals were more challenging at 120% FTP, but still only seeing a peak HR at the end of the first set of 162, and definitely well below ventilation threshold.

I dialed it up to 105% (now 126% of FTP), and HR came up to 164bpm at the end of the set, and I started to feel some burn on the fifth rep or so.

I dialed it up to 110% (now 132% of FTP), and started to feel closer to what VO2 should feel like. I was definitely getting some burn on each rep, and the last one was tough… not “struggling” in Chad’s terms, but definitely not wondering why it felt so manageable.

I kept cadence around 105 rpm the entire workout… last week I was closer to 100 because dumb trainer.

I think I’ll be less hesitant to just bump intensity up to 110% in future VO2 sets as I think three sets at that intensity would’ve been pretty close to “the ticket”. I also note that average and normalized power in erg mode during these 1:00 reps often falls 5-10W short of target power. Dialing up to 110% had me ranging between 302-313W NP and 311-321W avg (target was 326; 120% of FTP target is 296). So perhaps simply dialing up the intensity to 110% to ensure I hit the 120%-130% target range is key. My FTP appears accurate with respect to sweet spot and threshold work.


NIce, man. Thanks for the good words!

I feel like I would have psychologically been so much better off if I landed on 290 – even though it’s just a number.