What workout did you do today?


After two weeks off with illness and vacation I did a ramp test to start my first training block of sweet spot base.

FTP went up 10 watts which I put to being my 2nd ramp test and being more familiar with the format. Not sure if my outdoors is higher but last time I did one it was around 20 watts difference. Happy with the result for being off the bike!


Just finished Bluebell +1. Took a week off, this was my first ride back.

I did the standard version of this a couple weeks ago. Thought this would be a good welcome back ride after a break. I liked that the +1 just added more, but otherwise kept the workout the same.

I think I’d really like this format with shorter recovery intervals. It looks like VO2 work because it’s at 120%, but the efforts are so short it never gets up there. Did a lot of cadence variations to keep things interesting on the earlier sets, and then just settled at whatever felt right for the later ones. And I ramped power on the last few intervals to see how the increase felt, as I felt like I still had plenty to give. Each one got much harder right quick.


Kaiser +2 for me this morning.

Once I’d settled on my cadence I found the intervals reasonably easy to hold. Felt good to get some longer VO2 intervals in the bank too.


Dade +5
Had a terrible sleep and getting up at 5am to do this didn’t make it any easier. Engaged my usual just get it done attitude and managed to ride all 9 of the 2.5min intervals slightly above the prescribed 435w. Quite surprised really. Lifes little victories.


I just did Spencer +2 which seems to be a “Kaiser +2 light” (15 minutes shorter and 3 intervals less). I’m ok with that. It was tough enough. I didn’t lower the intensity, was almost, almost tempted to raise it 1 or 2%, but ended up being glad I didn’t. I held a cadence of 105 on a couple, then experimented with 95-98, but went back to high cadence on the last one … just to get through it and give me a chance to focus on my hips, my breathing, the birds out the window … anything to beat that clock.

The only thing I stare at is my cadence. I try to read the texts, but I figure at that point they are mostly telling me to keep my form and ride it out.


I remember doing Spencer and it’s no joke! Congratulations on getting through it. Impressive cadence too. The only time I get above 100RPM is when I’m sprinting.

Like you, I just focus on my cadence. I use the first interval to find that cadence and then try to hit it for the remaining intervals.


The dreaded Ramp Test for me today. Got an 8w rise in FTP so very happy.


Had an hour to put out some power.


antelope +4 today to kick off week 2 of SSB2 HV


Been without my PC at home since Sunday in the afternoon so I didn’t really bother trying to do any cut and pastes from my mobile device/tablet.

Sunday I did Palisade… Was quite a struggle, HR was really up there, but still was recovering a bit during the 1 minute unders. The overs were easier if I made sure that I didn’t keep spiking my power, focus on good form and steady cadence. My display is only 2 sec smoothing, but I think it does a lot towards keeping my power from getting too erratic, Pretty good traces for rollers.

Yesterday afternoon was the final session for my wingates.

I didn’t make any power PB’s, but did have the highest average for the 5 30 second ones. All 5 of them were within about 20 watts, and about 80-90 watts higher than the first session I did on Jan 3. So while my steady state might have plateaued since just before Christmas, I think this will set me up for the short power build better, which will start in Feb.

With the freezing temps out this morning of 9 F with 10-20 mph wind, I did not run. But with the short time since that last sprint session, I was not feeling even the aerobic endurance of Beech and had to turn it down, way down (20%) and stopped at 30 minutes.

Have an EZ swim scheduled for lunch time, going to be mainly drills with a few sets thrown in there.


San Joaquin +5 for me today. I was a bit worried about it but it actually felt easier than a couple of hard workouts I did last week (Antelope +5 and Monroe +2). Which is nice, considering the IF was higher today.

San Joaquin +5
Antelope +5
Monroe +2


Mills. Those intervals get a nice burn on. Had to jump off the trainer part way through the session to redirect my fan after my son tripped over the cable! :joy:


I did Baird -1 during recovery week at the end of base during the half ironman plan. found it much more challenging than last weeks 2 minute intervals.


Finally it’s recovery week!

Traffic in the pool made this a bit of a mixed bag, and ended up with only 1800m instead of 2000m.
6x100 RPE6 @ 1:44-1:51/100 +7s
5x50 @ 1:24-1:36/100 +10-15s

Why do people warm up and cool down in the fast lane while the slow lane is empty?

Hill Run, 46min 7.5km +120m, preoccupied with work probably ran a bit harder than I meant to but felt good. Frosty so taking care on the steep slopes and leaves took some pace out, but the steepness kept the intensity quite high.


Baxter -2. Had gawler scheduled but way too tired for that today.


Bluebell, felt fine and increased intensity to 105% during the last set of intervals.


Bashful +6 for me tonight (I think that’s what it was called!)

Managed the first block at 100%, then lowered the last two sets to 98%. Think I’ve found my repeatable vo2 power at 118%. 120% smashed me after each interval, where as 118% left me drained, but not completely ruined if that makes sense.


Mills, felt good so added 5% after the first interval. Was harder but still doable. Mental game :slight_smile:


Bashful’s intervals are 122% FTP. So 120% is more doable than you thought :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually did the Baxter Pearson, or is it the Nate Baxter?