What workout did you do today?


Just finished up tunnabora as well - definitely more work than I expected, but I also think I carried some fatigue into it from commuting all around town a bunch yesterday (always fun dealing with hills on my heavy commuter bike!)


Ramp Test for me - 6w increase. It all counts :blush:


This is taper week for SSBI so Petit. I think that I started low for FTP so next week’s ramp and starting SSBII is going to be a different story


I found this too. The first week of SSB2 with a new/higher FTP is a bit shocking. I’m close to finishing SSB2 and doing another ramp…which only reminds me the pain I’ll be in starting the next plan! :persevere:


I may have messed up my first ramp test by jumping without understanding Erg mode so my initial FTP may be low (or not??) and SSBI hasn’t been taxing. I’m expecting better results from ramp test #2 and the resulting SSBII FTP.


West Vidette +1 as part of a mild week of Short Power Build mid vol. The sprints in these shorter endurance rides are a treat. The legs still have plenty of juice and recover quickly. Crazy how hard they get 30 minutes into a vo2 ride at a fraction of the wattage.


I just finished Tallac went better than expected. I completed Carillon yesterday and woke up with a bit of soreness in my legs.

Just Palisade and the resting week to go on SSBLV 1 and I have completed my first structured training on TR/smart trainer.


That took an awful lot of concentration without the luxury of erg mode!!!


This is something I’ve been wondering about…I’ll sift through the “smart trainer” topics first for an answer before I come back…


Ramp test and then Taku. FTP dropped 2 watts leaving base phase from where it was going in. Not too shocking given the complete lack of time over FTP in high volume, but still feels tough


I agree! Concentrating so much made it go by fast though.


I :heart: Spencer

Planned Intervals – 120% FTP
Actual Intervals – 118% FTP

So the usual 2% off target that’s been plaguing my weights+bike phase.

But these 3min 120%ers felt so good! Even hitting the full 120 I could probably do 5mins before passing out. But I guess there’s the point of repeatability to consider…

Also makes me wonder what %FTP I was doing in last season’s Vmax intervals w/o a PM, cuz I remember those 4mins being a lot more painful!


Just started Sweet Spot Base Low volume by doing a ramp test. Been slacking in the structured workouts and the Ramp Test sure drives the point home. Another 5 point drop in FTP. I have my work cut out for me to get back to 250


Hunter to officially kickoff ssb1-hv, it was like doing three 20 minute hill repeats :slight_smile:


Just completed Donner as part of the Sweet Spot Base, Low Volume II.

Felt good throughout but I found the rest periods just a touch too long and had to introduce a few standing drills to prevent me from cooling down too much.


I cannot wait to get my replacement flux! It’s been a fun experiment working without erg but it’s not especially satisfying and so much noisier!



Nice 45 mins recovery this morning with Carter


Pettit… without fan turned on cos heat acclimation is important coming into Scottish winter?


I’ve had to start my rides with a jacket on since the weathers turned cold recently… Not quite at the steaming skin temperature just yet though!


I first reached this point yesterday! I’ve always trained in the attic but two weeks ago I switched to the shed, for cooling reasons and to simply not have to carry my bike up two flights of stairs hitting the walls multiple times on the way up. Outside temperatures, and I assume the shed too have now dropped to between 1 and 5 degrees Celcius. I’ve never seen myself steam that much, my breaths would make big clouds, my back would be at home in a Turkish bath house, even my forehead was billowing steam. However, the temperature on the bike felt perfect!