What workout did you do today?


What’s the name of this one? Looks like a real gasser.


eclipse today (3x20 sweet spot ~90%), not overly tough but still solid


Spanish Needle -3



big props for that, I’m still afraid of that and it’s been nearly a year since I attempted whatever version was in general build at the time


Thanks! It wasn’t fun, i turned it down a bit…but i endured!


Today, i was mainly failing at Hermit
should have probably ditched the session as I was coughing my insides out … but ho-hum


Matthes +1. Three minute intervals are freaking rough.


Not going to lie, this one was hard tonight:

I was supposed to have a rest day yesterday and do Pettit tomorrow, but I’d already had a forced rest day on Saturday so elected to skip the rest yesterday and switch this and Pettit instead.

My legs feel like lead.


I hate Spanish Needle in all its forms. I’ve only attempted it once and it kicked my butt. I guess I’ll meet it again at some point unless I have a race that day. :slight_smile:


Survival of the fittest, indeed.


Sweet Spot Segments. 16x5min (aka Garrowby +4 XL)

Nice one for fatigue resistance and leg speed work.
Felt good to do 100+rpm for that long. :+1:


Hawt!! :fire::metal:


I’m going to bookmark that one. I hate the 15 minute long intervals. They’re reasonably tough, but that’s not why. I just think they are very boring. These break up the monotony. I’m not worried about sitting on the bike for hours, but I don’t like doing that indoors.


Well it is a 2 hour workout so…

I like to think of this one as reverse over-unders…or something like that. The 5min intervals give your legs just enough lactic acid and the 1min breaks aren’t enough time to fully recover before you’re back at it. A bit harder than a straight 20 maybe.


That was Winchell


This one was from yesterday evening, day after Winchell



Nice! I have this one scheduled in July, I think. You just know these kinds of workouts are gonna make you fast!


Wasn’t feeling great during day, replaced echo with echo -2 that morning… came to do it that evening and half way through just felt drained. Decided to take a couple intervals as rest and finish off on target.

Ramp test on Monday and Zwift tour yesterday has really taken it out of my legs, three laps I was pushing on but faded on final lap… So I’ve re-jigged my calendar, day off today and back on it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Know I’m going to have times like this and need to listen to body and have some rest.


Easy day yesterday. Just Carter.


Supposed to do Geiger today.

Monday’s session had seemed quite easy and, with snow in the air in the UK, my commute tomorrow might be under threat. So I did the +1 version instead. Went ok.