What workout did you do today?



No further comment.


antelope +5 (7x10 sweet spot), looking forward to endurance day tomorrow!


2800m Swim this morning with a CSS test, terrible result

Decided to do Ramp Test #4 (!) this week in the gyms wattbike to determine how much I should turn it down there as Inreally struggle in the heat. I’ve failed every session I’ve started at the gym. Sessions I can easily complete in my garage.

Unfortunately the result was that there was only a few watts difference. :roll_eyes:

Brick run after the ramp test to cool down :grinning:

And all that with a touch of a hang over. Time for a glass of red to celebrate! :laughing::tada:


Dropped it 210 was not the feeling the love before ,was ok on bike could/should have done it at correct power.


Oh Mary Austin Queen I am your humble servant. You broke me and I know my place. Grovelling.


Had an easy Whorl yesterday evening, and a rest day today. But I’m feeling a little cold now, hopefully won’t catch it now, just a week away from a two-week-long training camp in Lanzarote…


I had it in the calendar for today but I got too intimidated and did Williamson instead. Just realised they both have the same IF so I’m not sure what my rationale was there :joy: Maybe some other time.

Trying out a new saddle today as well…which I think I like. Only had to stand and stretch out once just before the last interval where it would have been 4 or 5 times during the workout previously, so that can only be good.


Spencer today. Intervals 1, and 2 at 97% then 1% up for each 3, 4, and 5.


Aniakchack -1 was actually pretty fun. My first 2 hr indoor ride - it wasn’t as bad as i was expecting.


Lamarck today. I’ve definitely had more comfortable hours in my life. Had to focus hard towards the end.


Avalanche Soire w my new ftp. God damn. Made it but it hurt


Lamarck here also today, wasn’t bad.


40 minute run outside yay. Lots of snow/ice = less fun but makes me focus on a quicker cadence so worked out well.


Joe Devel +1 - two weeks out from my A race, taper starts soon


Darwin, with some aerobic riding tacked onto the end. Week 4 of SSB2-mid.

First two intervals felt good. Difficult but not crushing. Started getting hard on the later two intervals. Took a bit of focus, but never felt like it was getting unsustainable. I was quite glad when each interval finished though.


Mt Hale today:

Good solid threshold ride. I dropped the intensity 5% for the second half, and on reflection I wish I hadn’t. I could have done it at 100%. Weak fool!


Kudos! It’s an eye-opener.


Lamarck was yesterday. Did the first two intervals and mentally broke. I would not have been able to hold target for the 2nd two and that floundering feeling (like you’re drowning) trying to maintain a target for 20 more minutes wasn’t quite where I want to be right now… Gotta save those for my build. Bagged the rest and did a continuous swim at lunch. With the weather still hovering around single digits here I did not go on a run this morning, but will be leaving for a ski trip with the guys. After that recovery week.

So will start build without changing FTP. So sideways this month on FTP, although 15-30s power went way up from the sprint sessions I did, pVO2 max might have dropped. I posted in chad’s polarized thread, but will be modifying short power build to only do the 2 anaerobic/VO2 interval sessions and do aerobic work the other two. will do 1 run VO2 session and the other aerobic so polarized in that sense, but technically more than 20% of my sessions will be intensity focused if you factor in swimming. But its really hard, since almost all swims are performed above your threshold pace, just about all 100’s are in the low VO2, higher end of threshold or above.

Leaving for ski trip in about an hour, time for a nice mental break.


Raymond +7. Grim. Had to go to 98% halfway through 2 nd effort. Not much time in position


Monitor +1 for me last night. Kind of daunting staring at all those intervals but they’re all doable.