What workout did you do today?


Endurance Friday. Fletcher



Cadence slipped a bit in the last third, and had to do a few brief backpedals. Other than that, held power. Was tough though.


Last week of SSB LV2, week was a bit weird from a work point of view so had to reschedule workouts. I did Beech today, Pettit tomorrow and Andrews Sunday


Clark tonight… Changes the dynamic nicely, having some big gear stomps at the start of the SS interval.


No workout but alpe du Zwift at max power. Happy with the result (sub 43 min and 319 Watt avg)


Baird +2

Didn’t exactly nail it. Didn’t exactly fail it. Had to dial it down to 115% for the last few intervals. A couple backpedals, but only one of them was during and actual interval. Back at it tomorrow.


The Priest +2. Definitely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow…


Mary Austin’s little sister stopped by for a visit. I sent her home and told her not to come back without her bigger sister next time.

Thought about dialing it up 2% after the first set to match the original. Didn’t. Glad.


Ramp test today. Everything seems to be going in the right direction for road season. Weight down from 66.5 to 65.7kg. Ftp up from 363 to 373w.
Juuuust under 5.7w/kg :slight_smile:




Don’t know where else to post this without making a new topic… but do I need an intervention?

I am scheduled to do Makalu (3:45 @ 65-75%) but the weather has cleared a bit, with rain yesterday and overnight. That melted much of the snow and cleared a lot of the ice from the trails. The temps are still 1-2 C and its foggy with rain in the forecast. Tomorrow, it’ll rain more in the morning and turn to snow in the late morning through the day.

Am I a bad person to bail on the 3:45 endurance ride on my tri bike with TR to get on my gravel bike and ride outside for a few hours in this small window nature has given me? My holistic, serious training schedule doesn’t start until next month. My “A” race isn’t until Aug 18.

Do I need an intervention and stay inside or get out because I can?


Haha. I’ve also got Makalu I’ve been putting off this week need to sort it today, and it’s freezing.


Just took the dog out for a walk and the trails are mostly clear, at least under the trees and on this side of the ride. The main riding is over the ridge where it usually has more snow and ice (this side overlooks Lake Zurich). Some patches of ice remain, typically where there’s no tree cover.

IMG_1696 IMG_1698

Or do I sit on the trainer, use TR, and watch the original Red Dawn and then some?

Or do I sit on this forum? :wink:


Those woodlands look beautiful - reward your Makalu effort with the outdoor ride afterwards!

My decision is between the Ice Cave and the Fanless Gymnasium. Neither are appealing…


Get out and have fun!


Warlow, with the emphasis on ow.

First U/O workout - in straight in with 90 mins too. Thanks, @chad


My first time on the Needles. It’s end of week one of General Power Build for me.

I managed the difficulty since VO2 and anaerobic are usually very hard for me…intervals went 140%, 135%, 130%, 130%, 125%, 130%. I reckon it’s better to get them done than backpedal or skip! Vortex Smart can’t go so low in the 15s recovery valleys but this felt manageable.


If you are happy with the weather conditions then I would fully support doing your long steady work outdoors. If nothing else the mental break will make it worthwhile.


And a gentle morning today. Baxter.


Warlow is a bad kid. Shitty family. Always causing trouble. Kicked a dog once. Nobody likes Warlow…we should run him out of town.