What workout did you do today?


Galena +3 (4x20 @ 90%) mostly good, last 10mins were tougher because I wasn’t eating along the way, but it was fine


Something we are building will lend itself to this.

Here’s what I want:

If I know that a certain high end energy system is holding me back in my type of racing (sprint, anaerobic, VO2 max) then I’d like to work specifically on that system for a couple weeks and see if I can bring it up quickly.

I then want to insert myself back in my training in the appropriate spot and continue.

What we’re building could be used for the above scenario.


Mary Austin -1 today and I failed. Got through 3 of the 6 10 minute sections but in the fourth I had to stop several times and gave up in the end. Feeling fed up.


Get out because you can! This is my life…

Yesterday after my bike, run and swim (in that order) I shovelled snow for hours.


Had Tallac +3 on the docket today after Mary Austin -1 yesterday. I did well yesterday in the afternoon, finishing MA at 5pm. Got up for normal morning workout time at 6:30am this morning. Had no legs. Sweet spot felt like threshold and I had nothing mentally.

Same thing happened after Kaweah into Geiger +2. At the time I wrote it off to a hard week of backyard labor, but I did Kaweah in the afternoon as well and tried a 13 hr turnaround. That time I made it an hour and called it. Today I made it 23 min, after dialing down even, and then bailed. I rode Nate -2 instead for some work. This was the right call for me today.

So my lesson is I can’t recover from 90min o/U thresholdish sessions for 2 hours at sweet spot in under 24hrs. I’m going on 42, so not a surprise.

My plan going forward is to move the 90 min O/U work to Wednesdays (following Pettit and before an off day), move the 60min threshold work to Friday and follow with 2hr sweet spot on Sat. Sunday is my rest and family day. I’ll see how that goes this week and use it for future MV SSB plans if it works well.

Looking ahead at the builds, that’s not really an option at MV. I plan to do LV build due to “life” and maybe add a ride if I can, so that’ll take care of itself.


Leconte today. At the end of week 5 of SSB LV2 my general lack of powers of recovery have started to come to the fore. Completed the workout solidly, but with a 2% reduction on the second half of the workout, and it took every ounce of focus to steamroll through the pain.


Carpathian peak +2 for me today, 3 x 16m over unders.

I did NOT feel up to this, the first set had me almost quitting a few times, but like most of these workouts you just have to gut it out, and get past the mental discomfort. in the end I felt quite comfortable. Thought I would upload my garmin power trace from a single sided pedal PM…what a mess! Looks like the power was reading high at the start and then settled. I think I may have a L/R imbalance that settles down after a while as I’ve seen this before


Leconte -1

Probably should have done -2. Big ride tomorrow if the weather holds. Getting better at the OTS drills.


Go outside, because you can! Get it while the getting’s good…


Leconte. 5th week of SSB2 and feeling strong. Did the intervals at 100/102, 104/104, 105/105% with no breaks for backpedals. So looking forward to what my next ramp assessment shows.


Baxter -1 with extended cool down.

I’m sandwiching this one between yesterday’s Vo2 work (Baird +2) and tomorrow O/U extravaganza (Fang Mountain +1)


Kaweah +1 to finish off the week. Watching the Waste Management Phoenix Open. They need more golf tournaments to be run like that


Mary Austin. Had good legs today, even had a bit energy left to do a surge on the final minute.


doesn’t surprise me. Mary Austin and Kaweah are rough workouts. as long as you learned the lesson and adapted the plan, perfect!


Just got an updated fit on my Tri bike yesterday so I decided to get in a little bit of sustained easier work on that one with Echo today - first indoor session on the tri bike. Felt good and did 8 minutes in aero with one minute up for 10 rounds throughout the workout. Last interval was a little tough.


Been a mad busy week - at the start of the week I was travelling for 2 days to a UK bike trade show, and this coming wednesday I am off to SRAM for the launch of their ‘new secret products’ so I’ve been having to shuffle workouts around. Timewise, the best I could come up with was this… Clark yesterday (6 x high sweetspot intervals with big power stomps at the start) into Donner today (3 x 12 at threshold), immediately followed by West Vidette (my replacement for Pettit which I was meant to do tomorow. I did the threshold ints. on my road bike, and then switched to the TT bike for West Vidette to spend 45 mins ‘in position’.

Doubling up means I now get a full proper rest day before Mills (vo2max) on Monday! Bring it on


Mt Goode +2 for me:

Jumped off in the middle of interval 2 to get a granola bar as I was rumbly in my tumbly but otherwise did it at 100. Got awarded Zwift level 11 as well :sunglasses:


Dropped my 2x40min TT practice runs yesterday due to family obligations…but I still love them! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Did Sweet Spot Fresh 40+Tired 20.

Ended more like Tired 15+Fried 5.

Over the 3hrs I took in ~200g carbs/~800cal vs ~2,400cal burned.
Should probably have eaten more just for that last 5 minutes!

More good times tomorrow! :+1:


Just done frissell, I slipped on the ice on Wednesday so missed my Thursday ride, this was my first at my new ftp it was challenging but doable. I underperformed on my ftp test so manually increased it so I’ll keep an eye


I was watching that last night as well. Good field, interesting course and enthusiastic crowds.