What workout did you do today?


Just finished Collins +1.


Did a Ramp Test today, resulting the all-time high on TR, 116W. :+1: I also did Taku after that. Really looking forward to the training camp starting on Saturday.



Did you take the outdoor session?

I tried to man up but I just got pissed off in the cold with the WiFi on the blink and only put an hour in. :weary: For shame!


Tallac +3. Looked pretty fearsome with 5 * 15 minutes at sweetspot. Got through it OK but cadence was dropping across each interval.


Yesterday I underestimated Leconte… I should have given it the same respect as Mary Austin last week, but I figured “week 5 before a rest week, I’m going to crush it this week” and put in some extra baxter rides that I think caught up with me - I failed into the first set.

Today’s decision is either re-attempt Leconte, or hit Wright Peak for some SS work.


wright peak -2 (3x30 @ 85%), thought this would feel easier considering all the higher intensity SS I’ve been doing with SSB2 HV, but it was kind of psychologically tough (i got interrupted at one point which messes up my flow)

anyhow, done with week 3 of SSB2 HV, looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, even though it’ll be sunny mid 50s tomorrow and should take advantage of a nice ride outdoors, but my TSB is -23 and the next two weeks are going to push that further down


Palisade. Kept power on target the whole time, other than a couple brief backpedals the last 2 intervals. Actually quite proud. I think eating more and getting sugar into me during ride is making a difderence.(upload://j3fKURDfK7eQ7RTvREKDR4z3ucX.jpeg)


I did end up doing the full Makalu yesterday. One movie and 3 tv shows. No wifi in the basement, so all has to be preloaded.

The short of it is I did both. I didn’t do the outdoor ride yesterday because there was still too much ice on the trails and ice disguised as snow. However, it rained last night and snowed this morning (and in fact is still snowing 10hrs later). Ran 5mi with the dog this morning (in virgin snow) to confirm the ice was gone and it was. So, today (and after making french toast for the kids), I got in a 2hr “gravel” ride in the snow (and no ice). The snow was no longer “virgin” because of the late morning start.

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Fish -2 but legs gave out after 65 minutes and couldn’t complete. Not quite feeling it today. Not sure if I should have dialled down by 5% or just taken a other test day.


Ooof! This was a big bowl of fail trying Tom +2 or the first time. My legs were feeling heavy when I got up so I extended the w/u by an extra 5’ to try to loosen them up a bit more, but that didn’t seem to help much in the end. The 15" sprint targets were 608W and the VO2Max targets were 334W, niether of which I was having much luck hitting. I pushed through the first 3, then tried the 4th without the sprints which got me to within 5W of target. Bumped the intensity down 5% for the rest and did 5 and 6 without the sprints then the last one with sprints back in. My HR wasn’t really getting that high so it was all in the legs–my 19km run w/7km of Tempo yesterday obviously took more out of me than I thought (I felt fine yesterday). This was the end of the hard weeks of the Short Power Build plan which was definitely an ass kicker of a plan! I didn’t have the energy to do the VO2Max workouts with my other triathlon training, but the main Tuesday workouts really tested my non-sprinter limits (which was the objective for doing it).


Hey Baron, do the 5% and finish. Taking another rest day at this point requires a Tardis, slingshotting your starship around the sun, or a time-travellin’ DeLorean. Reducing intensity is just a few clicks with the mouse…



Warlow -2 for me. I had to drop intensity 5% 1/2 way through to make sure I could finish. I’m in my 4th week of SSBLVI after 6 weeks of TC30. Shortening all the Saturday rides to 1:00 so I can do Sunday group rides.
It still bothers me that I spent 15 minutes in HR zones 5b+c (>103% LTHr). Even though I’m getting through most of the workouts, it seems my FTP is set too high based on my HR. Looking forward to a ramp test in 2 weeks to see what the results are.


Went back after Leconte today, near the end of SSB2… I’m tired. This took me to a dark place, 2 backpedals in the last set but got it done.


Well after struggling early on in the week, completed Gibbs today

and Winchell yesterday, even added an extra interval on the end of that one just to get a good time on volcano orbit! So all good in the world again:)

So I’m putting in down to garage temperature… :snowflake::snowflake:when its 5’c or less I’m just not getting warmed up, that’s not including the wind chill :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:from the fan above my head.

Anyway my cheap Chinese diesel heater turned up Friday night (Yes I know some will say Rule #5). Plumbed it in and now I have a warm a garage :fire: Takes 30 minutes to heat up the space to 12’c-13’c from 5’c, which I find makes all the difference. Got some Tractor diesel (red), and it works out around 40p an hour.

Have a remote so I can turn it down whilst on the bike, or even off.

Next investment a carbon monoxide detector, just in case :wink: But with that many drafts in the garage I don’t think I’m at any risk…


Fang Mountain

Over/Unders on Super Bowl Sunday. Nailed it. :football:

Gonna feel much better about all the beer and chicken wings I’m about to crush :metal:


Yes, definitely get a carbon monoxide alarm and a smoke alarm if you don’t have one already. Also remember to keep at least 3ft clear around the heater.


Didn’t do anything. Did an off road run yesterday and as a returning runner I’m sore and tired today…


Punted Wright Peak today and rode outdoors. We had to cut it quite short as it turned into a soup ride. Probably spend more time cleaning than I did riding, take what I can get though in February.


I think I was genuinely done. Not enough sleep this week, travelling away from home too. Going to do Dade +1 tomorrow and then take a break until Friday. Have a couple of 4 hour flights this week so going to switch off and recharge.


I saw Jesus yesterday during the third set…

And for good measure, I capped it off with this little fella today…