What workout did you do today?


Yes, a smoke alarm for the garage is probably a good idea too… have them in the house. Heater is at the other end of the garage, exhaust goes out under garage door and around to the side… so you can see why it’s so drafty!


Considering we had friends over involving a big hike and 7-8 pints yesterday, not to mention a 2am bedtime, this went a lot better than I thought it would, even if I did put it off until 7pm.


I call this one Attempted Murder.

First it stabs you repeatedly for an hour.
Then dumps you into a quagmire of quicksand.
Whilst occasionally dousing you with acid.
And finally cuts the rope, dropping a piano on you.

It’s a real charmer. Feel free to give it a whirl.


Stick another hour of something into that and you have a worthy disaster competitor!


Shockingly, it’s ONLY sweet spot work!

Ok, mostly only…a few seconds of VO2 sprinkled here and there.
The 40min TT turned into a 36min TT and that very last 5min is still a killer.

Only 2 more times!


Not feeling it on Saturday. Completed McAdie, but it was not without some intensity downgrades.

Sunday was a good outside ride on the mountain bike. Tomorrow, back at it with Carson.


Looking forward to my rest week now:


I’m about 2 weeks behind you…have Leconte scheduled at the end of SSB2 myself next week. I’m terrified lol :open_mouth:


Mills-day today! Loving the arrival of these VO2max intervals after 10 consecutive blocks of sub-threshold work! (Did SSBmv1 twice in a row)…

Completed all intervals and knocked the final one up a couple of %




World against me again, eventually headed to the gym with no dinner in me, no fuel with me and no cash/cards.

2750m Swim (Main 12x100 @1:40-145)
5k Run, treadmill, marathon pace
45min of Laurentian…then the fuel ran out, drank some water but no vavavoom left.

Still, a decent ~2h15 work out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Came close to crashing but got through San Joaquin +3


Swim base intervals this morning (arctic weather means only us regulars in the pool - yay!) and some VO2max this afternoon. I’m on a dumb trainer; usually I overshoot these intervals and pay for it massively towards the end. This time I focussed on keeping my spin-up under control and staying on target and it worked!


Ramp test!! My favourite!!


Last night Carpathian -1, a good hours workout, I struggled at the very end which I like as I think it’s set at the right level… rest day today :slight_smile:


Just done givens, by far the hardest work out I have ever done.

I manually upped by FTP by ten points last week after a disappointing FTP test.

I hit my mark exactly on the first three three minute intervals, I then struggled on the first of the second set and was 7 watts below struggling to keep my power even (no erg mode here) and then I was slightly about on the fifth and sixth interval.

I am assuming that is good vindication on manually upping my FTP but I would love to get the opinion of the more experienced amongst you.


:dizzy_face: got to take care of yourself bro!


I rode Kaiser. Blended out how hard it was last time. Chad talked me through it & had good music. I felt the urge to bail at some point during every one of the last 3 intervals.


tallac +3 today (5x15 sweet spot avg 90%) was a bit of a grind, even though I was off yesterday, am still under the weather a little. my cadence felt sluggish, it’s been awhile since I’ve lubed the chain, so hoping that was a factor and not just that the legs weren’t snappy


Currently in week 5 of SSMV2, and feeling the accumulated fatigue of the past 4 weeks. 4x10 minutes at threshold is tough for me, especially coming off of a 2 hour SS workout on Sunday (performed while watching CX Worlds, which helped).
I eased my way into the first interval from 90 - 100%