What workout did you do today?


Baird +2 - new one for me. I feared the high IF and VO2 work, but high cadence and enough to eat helped me through. That, and The Prodigy!

Again! Again! (ok maybe tomorrow).


Antelope +4 (it should have been Galena +3)

I am sloooooooooowly working my way back from a viral infection in my chest. It has not been a fun road but one I’ll fight through.

All the best,


Lunch 7.5km Run
Evening 11.7km club run

Missed lunch and dinner again, just finished a microwaved vegetarian lasagne :thinking:

Slept like a log last night for the first time in ages though, actually needed the alarm to wake me up in time for work :grinning:


Baird +6. I love V02 work. But for some reason this morning I felt flat. Had to drop the intensity a bit on the second block of intervals, but then ramped it back up for the last block. Weird. Anyway. That shit hurt.


Diamond +2 - sort of over/unders for @Captain_Doughnutman to suffer through


Spencer +2 (Kickr Core erg w/ powermatch). Felt like crap during warmup, got through the first interval in good shape. Dialed up to 102% to get the mental bump of being over 300W. About fell off the bike after the last interval. Good sh&# right there. Had a bit of a high all day… VO2 workouts do that.


Just finished Spencer +2. Week 5 of SSB2-mid. Failed both of my weekend workouts, but had yesterday off. Super happy to make it through this as well as I did.

Hit the first few intervals spot on. Had to dig particularly deep on interval 4. And then promptly felt like I had nothing left. Took extra rest during both of the last two recovery intervals. Not sure exactly how much. Probably a couple minutes or so. Figured it was better to rest a bit more, and go hard during the interval, than rest less and dial it down. Swapped a few times between seated and standing on those last 2 intervals. It seemed to help. Broke the interval up quite a bit at least.

For the last couple rest intervals, it felt like even though my HR was pretty recovered after a few minutes, I was still breathing harder than I thought I would be. That was a bit of an odd sensation, normally feels like it matches up more closely.


I got through MA -1, but had nothing for Tallac +3 on Saturday. Took Sunday off, finished cleaning drivetrains and waxing chains, then had to wait for my Core to arrive on Monday… otherwise, I doubt I make it through Spencer today myself. That MA -1 / Tallac combo is killer.


Another of my own – Sweet 88’s.

8x11min SS O/U…priming my brain & bod for the real deal threshold O/Us in Build.

And honing my wattage bazooka TT legs 30 seconds at a time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Going great!
Except for the part where my ear bud cord dropped into my chain mech. Yeeaaahhhh…


@nash031 and @roflsocks I just did the MA -1 and Tallac grind this weekend. I pushed myself to get through MA thinking it would be one of the toughest workouts…but didn’t realize how hard Tallac would be the following day! I doubted myself from the warm-up, and talked myself into doing just one more interval and somehow finished!

I switched up my week a bit and did Lamarck today, and am so happy I achieved it and was able to bump the intensity up 1-2% for the final two intervals! I feel like I may be getting stronger :face_with_monocle: heh


After a week off the bike skiing, my wife’s birthday and stomach troubles, I wasn’t expecting much when I got on the trainer this morning.

Decided that slow and steady wins the race and I’m glad that I did. Boy did my legs take a while to loosen off.


Tallac +2 today (4x15 around 90%), felt way better than when I did Tallac +3 yesterday. HR stayed lower and wasn’t as much of a slog. I’ll attribute it to a lubed chain, and also getting over this cold/flu thing I’ve had


Swim this morning and then Tray Mountain over a long lunch. That felt rough.




I restarted SSBLVI after doing most of it scattered through the holidays and 3 weeks I had to take off because of an injury. The ramp test at the beginning was basically the same (+1 watt) but the workouts are feeling wayyyyyy easier this time around. I’m wondering if I underperformed on the test, if things keep feeling this good I might bump the ol’ FTP up a couple watts.


Kaiser +2 - three minute intervals suck


Carson last night. Tonight I’ve got Pettit -1.


Kaiser +2. Kept it 100 throughout:

I’m beginning to enjoy VO2 intervals…




Glassy -3 this morning. It has been a while since I’ve done a workout like this and it shows. Need to get more Sweet Spot work done.


Not pleased here … Avalanche Spire. Why not pleased? It went well. I held a good higher than normal cadence, never bailed … but 15 seconds into the very last “under”, right before the warm down, the app crashed and I had to reboot my computer. The whole computer got locked up.