What workout did you do today?


Back from a week of vacation, and met this Warlow dude in the basement. Kinda long-winded fella. That last set of over-unders was pure survival.


I’ve got that coming in a week, and after barely making it through Warlow I’m sure not looking forward to it.


Finished Lamarck…that was painful. I failed Leconte on Tuesday, 2 minutes into the 4th 10 min interval, so I was kinda nervous going in, but somehow survived.


I remember those two in close succession. Leconte looks bumpy, and I was worried too, after Lamarck. But you’ll probably just find out “hey, I must be getting better.” Leconte will go down just fine.


I read this and I feel like I’m slacking big time. I don’t kick into ‘real’ training for another month so I’m ‘just’ doing 8.5-12hrs a week now.


Question (which I suppose could be a new topic but I’ll keep it here): if you jump on TrainerRoad early in the morning, how early is early and do you feel you get the same quality as doing it later?

I intended to start the 90min Tray Mountain this morning a few minutes before 5a, but the Kickr was failing its calibration, not working with TR, needed to go into the Wahoo app, etc and thus had to bail at the 1:15 mark as I needed to be upstairs, in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids at 6:30a.

The warm-up and beginning of the first 20min were more difficult than they should be (esp since I think I need to retest as I believe my FTP is now below reality). It may have been an artifact of the previous evening’s swim (3200m, main: 7x400m pull on 6:05, generally 15s rest) but I think the main cause was not giving myself enough time to wake-up. I ‘woke’ at 4:20.

In the distant past (er, 16-19 years ago), I’d wake at 3:55a to be in the saddle (and fully awake & coherent after a shower and eating) and on the road by 5a to put in a 45-50mi road ride (Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach and back) and still be in the office (Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles) by 8a. That was then and I was a bit younger.

I can put in a solid run starting waking at 4:30 and out the door at 5a. And when it was an option, I could put in a solid swim starting, also waking at 4:30, driving to the pool, and getting in at 5a (sleep swimming, try it!). But I cannot seem to execute without a long wake-up when getting on the bike, even on the turbo.

Is it just me or do others have the same affliction?


Baird -1. Again. It hurt a bit

oh and i need to get myself a cadence sensor, the trainer’s one is always out of whack


Did that - the Flux S cadence indication was all over the place, got a Wahoo sensor that I clip on the shoe, and it works much better. Since I do most of my workouts in erg mode, a stable cadence signal is quite important.


Darwin last night, 4 x 10 minute intervals at FTP, another of those workouts where your mind wants to quit SO much but your body can take it. Mills tonight and some 120% vo2 max workouts, I’m probably happier to see that than another long session at near FTP levels


Nice work!
If I can offer some unsolicited advice… next weekend is just as tough. Give Leconte the same respect MA deserves :slight_smile:

Recovery week this week for me. So some Baxter -2’s and Colosseum’s on the schedule. Pumped for the upcoming ramp test!


@Wayne I actually have team camp this weekend and will chasing skinny girls up an 11 mile 8% climb tomorrow, then road race simulation Saturday and crit Sunday! :scream: I’m fairly sure I’ll simulate Leconte and then some…but if not I may do it next week :thinking: because I’m a glutton for punishment


Darwin - went down pretty well, only needed to focus during the last interval. And all that after a wine tasting yesterday night.



it’s kinda crazy though, it’s been a month and i still can’t get over how weird it reads cadence… like that surge when you drop in power and it thinks you’re doing 155 rpms
i might seriously consider a cadence sensor soon. i already have enough on my plate trying to focus on keep power (even in erg mode lol)


Leconte today. Should have done it Saturday but with the superbowl and family commitments I’ve snuck it into my rest week.

It felt hard but I coped with it quite well so I’m getting slightly excited about next week’s ramp test. From there I’ll be going through 8 weeks of general build.


My plan called for Wright Peak -1 but discretion (aka still recovering from my viral chest infection) told me to knock it down a few TSS notches and do Antelope +5


Did Juneau -1 today, a 4x18ish sweet spot session (each block has 2min of rest), went well, the 9min at a time make it quite doable. Easier endurance day tomorrow before big weekend, almost through week 4 of SSB2 HV!


Found this much easier than I expected and really enjoyed it. Now wondering if I again need to boost my FTP.


First night at (slightly) improved FTP. Over unders in the form of Carpathian Peak.


Carpathian Peak for me today
SPBLV week 1

After a 28 watt rise in FTP it was daunting going into under overs. I had to drop percentage for one of the overs in the second set but completed the remainder at 100 percent. Was relieved to finish …


Lol… Looks like you flatlined during that one.