What workout did you do today?


My HRM and BLED112 don’t get along well


Been slacking a bit so I’ll just give an abbreviated version of my week so far.

EZ week after the last bit of modified SSB2. Had to skip Wednesday’s planned ride as my daughter got up from a nightmare just as my alarm went off at 4:15 and my wife had to get ready for a business trip so it was my turn for sticking with her.

Otherwise, really starting to notice the lack of VO2 max work in January since I did that sprint study… almost thinking of setting FTP back 5 watts. hope that this isn’t an indication of further slowdowns to come. Feels strange since December was a good month with almost perfect compliance, but January was a bit frustrating.


Which wine do you recommend for the weekend? :champagne:


Felt ok


Had Beech scheduled. Did Baxter instead (-1 due to time constraints). :wink:


Antelope -4 tonight. I really like the long, steady efforts. Watching Fast and Furious helped. :smiley::racing_car:


Made it through cleanly, but all I can say is F you Leconte. Don’t come back for a while, K?

The standing drills on the third set threw off power as I learned how to lower cadence prior to standing and slowly build it back up when seated while training in erg mode. I think I’d be better off doing that set in resistance mode in the future as overall it was probably a touch easier than the fully seated sets due to those little dips prior to the surges.


Short 45 min over/under that was not easy.


Ansel Adams-2 this morning:

The trainer on occassion had some difficulties getting the power up to the required level at the start of an interval in ERG mode.

Overall it went fine, thought it would be more demanding.
Oh the workout description is a lie though, they should add the word cake in the text to complete it :wink:

I might be misinterpreting the text below, but I would classify the workout as 6 sets of 4 interval 50/50 secs with 2 minutes of recovery between the interval sets.


Merced for me… half way through I hit spiral of death, legs felt drained…paused and backed it off to 95% and with some extra recovery stretches managed to get through to the end…

Not getting on with these Anaerobic intervals… just filling in before new plan starts ion 18th Feb, might swap a few out for other types…


Have to say that I’d agree with you. Might be that it’s been tweaked…


I think it was one of the adjustments they made to the GBLV plan and they might have tweaked the workout as well but forgot to update the description.

It’s just something I noticed, not really an issue :slight_smile:


Did Charing yesterday, first time. Not sure how it needs to be done, I did first interval in erg and the rest in standard mode. It didn’t get to my legs or heart, it really hurt my lungs!

Perhaps TR could improve how this is displayed, because I cannot see the upper workout limits…


Spencer +2…damn that was hard. Between this and Lamarck yesterday, I think this is the hardest 2-day TR block I’ve ever done. Completed both, though…ramp test next Tuesday, hoping to see a good improvement.


Slacking a couple of days as I seemed to be coming down hard with something, then felt better and sneaked in some wine which blew out the second day :man_facepalming::woman_shrugging::wine_glass:

Back on it with McAdie - I’m not going to pretend overunders are ever easy, but it wasn’t too bad. The third reps though…:weary:

I dont know what this trophy x62 is about though. I wasn’t setting records today.


I can advise you that “cheap” and “Barolo” do not make for good drinking. An average Malbec is a much better bet. And if it’s followed by three flutes of Blanc de Blanc, so much the better. Or so I hear.


Cheers - That makes me feel good but I’m also “only” doing 8-10hrs, honest :grinning:


Yesterday, I completed my toughest TR workout to date. It was one I created for my cycling team, modelled from the power profile/Strava Segment for one lap of the Tour of the Southern Highlands Road Race. I don’t have Bestbikesplit, so I charted 3 of the top 20 Strava segments on a graph, and averaged their power output/the course elevation to simulate the lap.

It was the first time I’ve ever thought I was going to throw up on my bike. And I sincerely hope that the course isn’t ACTUALLY that hard in a few weeks :sweat_smile:

Not for the feint of heart, the workout is called “TOSH RR 1 Lap with warmup”


Pretty bummed about this performance. It’s the second workout I’ve failed over 8 weeks, and both have been threshold rides. It’s definitely my weakness. My legs just didn’t have it in the last two intervals, and I know it’s because I had a VO2 workout wednesday night, ran thursday morning, swam thursday night, and then attempted this ride this morning. I have Lamarck next week. Not looking good…


Joe Devel - One week out from my A event and the taper is in full swing. Feeling feisty and just a bundle of nerves ahead of the race. Can’t wait to pin up a number a week from today

Used this ride to compare two power meters (new Power2Max that came with the systemsix and the P1 pedals I’ve been using all along). Might’ve messed up the lap times a bit on the short 18 second ones at the end (hard to press that button on time) but overall pleased with how close the pedals and power2max are reading