What workout did you do today?


This is on the schedule for me today. You and I seem to be tracking pretty close on SSB Mid Vol I.

Jeeze your heart rate line doesn’t have much variability. I know HR is all individual, it’s just crazy to see the differences.


Yeah, i’m following the same plan :slight_smile: I’ve got the Sunday rides set to be done on a Thursday.

Re your HR, do you find yours jumping around quite a lot?

I did a week of riding at altitude at the start of September, and since then my heart rate has been noticeably lower ever since. I don’t know if that’s the cause, it’s the only thing that stands out to me that’s changed vs normal training.

For the SS intervals, I’m finding my HR will climb to 150 very quickly at the start of the interval and then hover around there. Jumps up to near 160bpm when standing but settles back down at 155 odd when i get my breathing sorted again and sat.




Same for me this morning, nice and relaxing easy wake up and spin.


Had to skip rides today due to Wife being ill and Halloween. Easy lunch run instead.


Baxter -2 for me today. Was meant to do a 45 min Carter I think it was but fancied a different one.

Got a very achy left leg/calf tonight for some reason.


Is that necessarily a bad thing? Part of the goal for that ride is to focus on cadence and keeping power smooth.

Today was a nice and easy 30 min of taku.no real need to post the pic.


Ramp test.
Broke my collarbone 4 weeks ago with a 341FTP
Had a week off the bike and knocked my FTP down to 330 for a good solid week of training.
Then had another week off whilst on a business trip.
So re tested today at 339 :call_me_hand:

Really happy with that!

Edit… I also had a few beers last night :stuck_out_tongue:


Geiger +1 this morning


Had an easy day today mixture of Z1 & Z2 so beech worked well


Warlow for me this morning…these 90 min workouts are hard enough mentally, this one got right to the edge of breaking me off this morning. Feels good to have gotten through it.


Nice! I have McAdie +1 on Saturday, 90 mins are tough but feel good when you get through it :+1:


Mount Field. Day 1 of Sweet Spot Base. The off-season is here.


Carson +2 with alternating low and high cadence blocks. With tired legs after a solid October of training (44.5 hours on TR total) I was glad to get an “easier” day in the saddle before tomorrow’s fun in the fake sun (i.e. my lux full spectrum light) Giddy up!


More like 2019 preseason rather than offseason :slight_smile:



First time I’ve fallen apart during a TR workout (see last half of final set). Feel a bit annoyed about that, but I slept badly last night and ate TERRIBLY yesterday so hopefully that explains it, and I can ensure I don’t do it again.


Will do Geiger +1 this evening. Had something else to do before work this morning, so had to move the session to the evening.


Over/unders suck. It’s a scientific fact. I also have a personal theory that they are the most psychologically taxing type of workout as well.

Endurance, Sweet spot, Vo2 . . . you can gear yourself up mentally for them in different ways. Over/unders come with an expectation of pain that never quite hits a crescendo and an expectation of relief that never quite satisfies.

When I see them coming up on the calendar it totally distracts me for a couple days beforehand.


I personally think that O/U’s are the ones that really make you withstand the lactic acid buildup for longer, and thus, will make you substancially stronger mentally, as you make it through the intervals.

I’m not saying that O/U’s are easy and fun, but I’ve learnt to like them somehow because of that.


@JCorfield I did Geiger +1 yesterday and here’s what mine looks like. My HR is typically in the 160’s for sweet spot, 170’s for threshold, low 190’s for max (observed) HR. Dropped to the 130’s during the recovery intervals on this workout. Just interesting to see the different HR’s between each person.

Edit - looking at yours again, the line doesn’t look as flat as I thought it did initially. It’s a little bit of an illusion due to where your HR line shows up in comparison to mine (due to FTP, nice FTP BTW).