What workout did you do today?


Sounds like me…would guess your legs are fatigued…I’m going to start my next workout at 96% and hopefully increase intensity during ride if I find it easy… if not I’ll hopefully complete on 96% and schedule in some rest and recovery.


That’s a good plan that I may steal. Haven’t been sleeping as much as I’d like this week. Hoping my Sunday ride goes well and I can get back on track.


Failure! Elephants +4. Have had s low level cold and poor recovery in this block. The 108% intervals have been awful! Looking forward to recovery week after tomorrow


It’s not a fail! You planned it, you started it, that’s two psychological successes in my book :grinning:


Did Darwin today, 4 x 10 minutes of threshold work. No issues other than the last interval being hard lol.

It’s strange. First real structured rltraining this year (halfway through ssb2, after ssb1). FTP hasnt really gone up much (7 watts) but my ability to hold these kind of efforts has gone up very, very noticeably. I ciuldnt have done this earlier.

Is the the “point” of base work, more than FTP gains?


Absolutely. :grinning:


Cheers we’re having beef tomorrow for tea so will look into getting a nice Barolo. I’ve mcadie tomorrow once I’ve finished work, think the vino will taste all the better. :grinning: Have a good weekend :+1:


Mt Hale for me today. I’ve had a bad week with one failure and one session where I had to stop suddenly to deal with a work crisis so I wondered whether I was going to be able to stick with my new ftp. Just about managed to hang on through the last interval and feeling very chuffed with myself for making it.


Andrews today (90min endurance). Wright Peak -1 tomorrow, big day (3x30 @ 90%). Fortunately these are broken up a bit to make the 30mins more tolerable! Maybe I should do original version Wright Peak and suffer more!


Eclipse. Did this instead of Galena because I did Tray Mountain on Wednesday and just couldn’t face another set of 3 x 20 with no power variation. Then a swim, main set 9 x 100. Wasn’t feeling it at all; it was one of those discipline over mind days.


Mary Austin -1… This one ain’t fun. This is the playlist that got me through it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNhJxcnAEyk&start_radio=1&list=RDQMpqXpyljG63o



Oh yes, I remember that sequence from just a few weeks ago. It is kind of like a turning point … “I did it” and you think back at the beginning that there was no way you could have done it 5 weeks ago. It feels like success. It’s working. Congratulations.


Palisade. The end of the work for SSB LV I, now a recovery week.


Gibraltar was scheduled, did Gibraltar+1 instead. Regretted it 20min in, but in the end, I’m glad I did the plus one.

I started later than planned as I hoped for an outdoor ride, but the snow on the trails converted to slippery, glassy ice over the last day. Even walking the dog on the trail was greatly abbreviated and the normal traffic is virtually nil (2 people, only 2).

No brick today despite the tasking on the Full Distance Tri Base. In reality, the sidewalks are safer than the trail but not risking it.


Kaweah today, the first hard workout of SSB MV2. After getting a nice upgrade to FTP after SSB MV1 (249 -> 276) I knew this could be difficult, but still…

Backpedalling and pausing several times after the halfway :-1:


I’ve got this scheduled tomorrow. I’m worried lol :frowning:


Wright Peak -1 (3x30 @ 90%) first couple of intervals my HR was in the low 150’s (threshold HR around 154), which I expected, but for each subsequent set all my intervals stayed in the upper 140’s and topped off at 150, which is really low for me, and I felt good. So maybe a sign that my fitness is progressing? I’ll remain cautiously optimistic! Getting excited though, tomorrow ends week 4 of SSB2 HV so looking forward to nailing the last week of work and seeing where all this base takes me.


Huxley -4 - easier than Huxley was last week, but still a nice stretch of the legs

Finished (for now) my power meter comparison between my legacy power meter (Powertap P1 pedals) and my new one (Power2Max NG Eco). I’m satisfied that they read consistently between each other. Only places I see a measurable difference are on very short intervals where it might come down to reporting speed or just me being slow on hitting the lap button


Junction. I’ve been having a bit of a tough week with the last week of the first short-power build block, so I’m quite happy with this even though I skipped 5 microbursts and had to turn down intensity by 3% on the penultimate and final set.

Last year I bailed half-way through the first set of microbursts at a lower FTP, so hey!


Lion Rock. Big one for me - well pleased to finish with only the one Coach Chad approved backpedal.

Finally got my gearing strategy to work with PowerMatch. A few spikes but a gear change and some fancy footwork sorted it.