What workout did you do today?


looks like the description to the original workout, not the -2


I decided to try and get out on the maiden voyage for my SS


I was riding 34x19, and should have had the 20 on there, maybe even a 21/22. With all the leaves, treefall, and wearing super heavy lake boots, it is not that easy to keep up the momentum for that gearing. There were some slow slogs up at 50 and lower RPM. Right hand was numb until about 40 minutes in to the ride. I did 3 x 30 second all out efforts to finish out the ride after I warmed up. Main reason I want to keep my SS in regular rotation for my rides. It forces flow, and can be used as a good tool to work on some snap.


One of those “outdoor” things. Never again!!!

Got a low battery warning for the PM and then it gave up completely about 30 minutes later. I thought it would last better than that.

Getting home (roughly speaking from that point actually) was absolute agony. Could barely sit in the saddle and freewheeled every chance I got. Hamstring was (is!!) in agony… whatever I did.


Good luck! I bumped my FTP setting 8% up earlier this week (nearly toward the end of SSBVM2) so I’m paying for it this weekend for sure!


Lion Rock.

You ever have that feeling before a hard workout where you can’t wait to get on the bike and just KNOW you’re going to crush it? Isn’t that the best feeling? That was me today. I was talking shit to my Kickr – ‘that all you got, dude??’

I wish I could bottle that feeling and pull it out when I’m getting my ass kicked.

It’s fun while it lasts. It never lasts. Back at it tomorrow.


Hang in there – that’s a BIG jump in FTP. You’ll catch back on soon enough :boom:


@engineerpete, new to TR and I keep reading in the workout notes that you can backpedal. What exactly does Chad mean by that?


Galena +2. Tough mentally but right on target as there wasn’t much in the tank after 60 minutes of 95-99% FTP. Strange ANT drop in the first interval where power reported stopped but no change in resistance. Had to scramble to reconnect to BT.


Mary Austin -1 today. Had the usual desperate wish to quit during the first interval but after that I smashed it, even increased the intensity during the last workouts by 5% as I felt it wasn’t as horrible as Chad’s instructions suggested it should be.


A chance to rest the legs by literally pedalling backwards; almost no stress on the muscles but they’re still moving. I’m guessing there’s a neuromuscular benefit to maintaining some movement instead of just stopping…but I’m no expert I just appreciate a little rest. Better to take a short break and then get back on it to finish an interval as intended rather than spiralling down to a complete halt.

Short periods only <10sec and get going again before you feel ready. I indulged myself at 1h20m because Coach Chad suggested it, kind man that he is!

Welcome to TR!


Dialed back the over/under workout and added some endurance work. McAdie -1 and Baxter -2.


Thanks for the info. How does this work in Erg mode? Does Erg disengage when you pedal backwards?

Oh, Ebbetts Nice to Meet You

Did Tallac +4 as part of SSBHV. First interval felt hard, but it got better as the workout went along. Glad to get through it.


Juneau for me today, shortened the recovery valleys from 10mins to 5mins.


Dicks -1 today. Great name for a workout

5 eight minute 105% FTP intervals with 5 mins recovery between. I was pleased, I did well. Had to jump off just before the last interval to get the laptop’s power supply, but otherwise kept it 100.


Works fine in Erg mode for me. Stopping pedalling will drop power meter measured or trainer reported power to zero, and restarting your cadence shortly after will cause your smart trainer to ‘chase’ you back up to target watts. See 1h20m into my last workout:

There’s a ‘pedal to resume/pause setting’ in the TR app settings; I prefer to turn this off so that the clock keeps ticking.

Good blog info here,

and here,


Petit for me today. Did Tray Mountain Thursday, Looking Glass Friday, Gibraltar + 1 yesterday, and was going to do an outdoor gravel ride today. But after a recon – easy trail run with the dog that was shortened by enough ice to be cautious – opted for the turbo instead. Slight mod to Full Distance Tri base - high volume as my running is limited due to outside conditions.

I bumped up my FTP earlier this week. I think it’s still low – poor test taker – and need to retest.

Now to be a D&D dungeon master for my son and his friends…


After the beating I took from the wind in yesterday’s race, I wasn’t about to do my Sunday ride in the pouring rain, so I played the soft card and jumped on the trainer.

This was the first real Sweet Spot work I’ve done since completing SSB 2 and I was surprised by how well I held up. Last 4 minutes and my legs were beginning to call time but I kept a steady cadence throughout and hit the numbers. Also managed to do three minute intervals in and out of the drops.


I believe there is a contribution of exercising muscle to pumping blood around the body. I forget the exact term.

I imagine that if you simply stop pedalling, the muscular pump stops too, and the heart has to pick up the strain. But the heart doesn’t respond straight away (I see about 35 sec lag when doing sprints) so I expect back-pedalling helps to keep the pump going, removing lactate and CO2 from muscles, helping the brief recovery.


How was it going outside ,do you think you picked up something whilst you where out? I’ve heard there’s some weird things like vehicles and people I think it’s much safer to stay indoors. :thinking::biking_man: