What workout did you do today?


No. It was awful. Spanish Needle -3 would have been more pleasant!!!


Mary Austin -1 whipped me yesterday and I knew it. Should have pulled back to Tallac +1.


Wrapping up antelope +5 as I type this. Man it was easy, even at 94%, like I didn’t even go to the bottom of my threshold HR zone, and yesterday’s wright peak -1 was similarly easy on me, for how difficult this high volume should be getting at the end of week 4 of SSB2 HV. Just gonna let keep status quo since I’m going into the biggest week, but I could prob go up another 5w to 290, not sure if 10w would push it too much, but happy with how I’m feeling


Palisades - Over / Under Threshold workout, completed as prescribed

Was concerned how it would go as I was hungry overnight from calorie tracking with MyFitnessPal. Ate a 500 calorie bowl of oatmeal 1 hour before and then CLIF Shots blocks to start and at each recovery valley (they acted as motivation treat). As well I am using a self selected FTP as I failed the ramp test.

How are people transferring the workout pics?


Finished off the week with…

Dialled down the intensity as per the discussion with @mcneese.chad , frankly I wasn’t getting there anyway. Was using the session to distract from my youngest being overnight in hospital, but it didn’t work! :sweat_smile:

Missed 2 swims, a 45min run and Pettit this week for various reasons and bailed out on Laurentian early…350/581 TSS :roll_eyes:. fTSS (family TSS ~600)


Mary Austin -1.

No issues, though I did extend the last 2 recovery breaks by a minute or two, just to make sure I got through the workout without legs quitting. Probably didnt need the extra recovery, though the last set was a mother.

This is encouraging. No way I could have done this workout a month ago…

Now I have Leconte next weekend…


Best wishes to your kid, @JoeX. :heart:


Rose yesterday for the first time and then Baxter today.


Volume Weekend - Electra & Jay Peak. Really liked the build structure of Electra - first time doing a tempo ride like it.


Sorry to hear about the increased fTSS. Hope the young’un is ok.


That was tough. :sweat_smile: Eclipse…


Raymond +7 yesterday and Spruce Knob today


Wright Peak-1 and feeling very proud of myself :sunglasses:


Mary Austin -1, but added an additional " - " by not completing the last interval. Up until the last over-treshold step I was thinking “Hard but doable, maybe I am due for an FTP increase”

The problem is that this bail just before the end has become a pattern the last 2 weeks, where I have bailed in the last interval of both Palisade and Darwin. Darwin was a pre-planned bail due to time constraints but palisade an Mary was just a shutdown. Mostly mental. I will have to work on that. Anyway this Mary Austin was probably my longest effort on the trainer ever :slight_smile:
Now ready for the last week of this three week block which was preceeded by 10 days of rest, with sore throat, stuffed nose and little to no energy for anything else but family and work.


felt better than I thought I would maybe this TrainerRoad thing does work :wink:


Hey Joe… Not sure if you’ve seen my thoughts on this sort of topic, but do you have planned days off? I don’t anymore so that when family and other obligations take priority over training, I can just adjust and go and take the extra day off. I had started getting frustrated when I had a day off, then the next morning was the one my daughter would wake up right as I was about to start my workout! has definitely lowered my stress level.


Did a nice and what was supposed to be easy 6 miles yesterday but had a rather high HR during the run. Chalk it up to one of those days.

Started short power build today and instead of ramp testing, did Bluebell instead. I didn’t actually do this in the last rendition of SSB2 since I had added it to my calendar a while ago, and I had swapped out my VO2 workouts with those wingates… I also bumped my FTP down 5 watts after having what I would call higher HR than what I would expect for all workouts during the last block. I’m hoping with the reintroduction of the VO2 work, I’ll bounce right back. I think I’ve really noticed that my overall abilities now come and go with my VO2 capability.

I was able to go over target for the last 6… if Pierce goes well for me on Friday, I’ll bump it back up to 295.


Yeah I plan all workouts mon-fri and use sat/sun either as family days or catch up days. Last year I decided to go low volume and focus on hitting as many planned sessions as possible - it didn’t work at all. This year I’m just accepting that I won’t ever see all sessions complete, I just get the sessions done I can and try to stay positive.

As long as I’m feeling fit, getting faster, and being a father, I’m okay with it :slight_smile:


I have got Lamark coming up on Thursday.

This will be challenging…


Did Mary Austin -1 yesterday morning. I bumped the intensity down 6% right off the gate. Threshold work is my weakness so I wanted to give myself a chance to complete this one. I think it was the right call. I’d say it’s the hardest workout I’ve done thus far. I threw in a mile of running right off the bike for a little brick work.