What workout did you do today?


Carillon. Went through suprisingly easily, was watching the men’s SG in Sweden, and seeing how many were missing gates was somehow giving me wings. If they’re at that level and can screw up, who am I to complain? Just pedal.




I think she’s past the worst of it now, back home last night and with a week of antibiotics to go. :+1:

Glad to get through Longfellow :slight_smile:

Had to break at 2hrs to pick up one of my kids, took the opportunity to do a mini brick run, walking back then back on with more fuel. Break again for a few minutes at 3hrs as I’d got through all my fuel early, then legs demanded a few seconds break at 3h30 and (annoyingly 3h55).

Alternated 5mins aero/ 5mins upright throughout and surprised it was my thighs complaining near the end, not my butt. Heart rate lower than previous years at that percentage of FTP - averaging 135bpm, about ten beats lower than last year. So good indications imo.


You will know your true ftp after it! Good luck!


Would you push on if feeling good? Never approached this workout before.


Yes, go for it and keep a positive mind!

I did Lamarck last week, all at 100% intensity. My FTP is set perfectly because I only just finished Interval 4, the mounting fatigue is pretty extreme but it was a fantastic feeling surviving those last few minutes!

Good luck!


it’s an off day, which is of course helpful, but itching to get back to riding, this is week 5 of SSB2 HV so if I’m feeling this good and ready to ride after all the sweet spot I’ve done it must be a good sign. In the meantime, I’m just going nuts posting here in the forum!

I’m also watching race videos on youtube, and despite making claims to being primarily a CX racer these days, if my power indeed goes from 275w from this past season to 290-295, where I think it could be now (the long sweet spot efforts at 285w have been feeling as easy as they were at the end of SSB1), and possibly get to 300 (and 4.3w/kg) after build and really improve my 8-10min power, I could really cause some suffering during cat 5 road races.


I did Leconte and Wright Peak -1 this weekend. Towards the end of Leconte I thought: “Why am I doing this???”

I completed both and am very excited for the SSBMV recovery week this week!


Swim this am and Baird -1 again this pm (I’m repeating last week because I had a spare week). I bumped up the last 5 intervals by 2%, probably could have gone higher but my goal was to have a target that was over 200, trying to desensitize my brain from seeing a number starting with 2 and automatically freaking out.


Baird -1 this evening and 2000yd swim this am. Week 5 of half distance mid volume base. First VO2max session of the plan and felt great. All intervals done in TT position!

Actually bumped up my FTP from 220->225 last week after noticing how my workouts were. Then bumped this workout up to 1% for second set of intervals and 3% for the final set and finished feeling great. Not sure if that’s a good thing really after vo2 work, even though Baird -1 gives lengthy recovery.


First proper ramp test today, starting SSB-LV1. I manually put in 210 as TR had me at 70 after just plugging in my stats.
I came out at 301 which was a surprise. I have no power meter, only an Elite Super Crono Mag on resist level 5. Made sure my tire was pumped up to 100 psi and dug deep.

This number seems way too high to me, I don’t think my trainer is listed but it was the only one that had 8 resist settings like my one (all other Elite trainers had 5). At the end of the day it’s relative and my current benchmark


Feeling a bit tired this morning


Joe Devel -4 - last trainer workout before my A race. Travel later today and then some outdoor stuff leading into it on Friday


I’ve got the 75 min version coming up on MOnday, looks pretty tricky to do on my rollers, the 15 s breaks are hardly enough time to shift down then up.


Did Beech today. Since it’s week 1 of build, I will throw in a higher IF z2 ride, and it’ll switch to Pettit next week, then something even easier in week 3. Had a bit of a gap there in the power as I was trying to change my phone a bit on my handlebars and kept hitting the sleep button on it.


I’ve actually done the 75, 60, and 45 minute versions in the last three weeks. All were much easier than I expected them to be although I don’t think I’d recommend it for rollers - having a smart trainer that responds quickly made these much simpler and frankly, safer than rollers would be


week 5 of SSB2 HV kicked off today with Galena +3 (4x20 @ 90%), it was a relative breeze, with my HR largely staying in the upper 140’s whereas when I started the plan a 90% effort had me in the upper 150’s for HR


Week 3 of Enthusiast Plan - Kaiser.

Failed miserably…couldn’t hold 120% for the first repeat, had to stop for 30s half way in and then turned workout down so intervals were at 110% (93% workout intensity). Managed to finish them but felt cooked at the end.


It’s not a fail! If this is your repeatable VO2max power, go with it. I think there are instructions in earlier workouts in the plan that make you look for your repeatable power. Kaiser is a tough workout so it really stresses you it you are too high!


Spencer +3 so hard under performed the last two-three intervals!