What's the Deal with Spirulina?


Good? Bad? Ugly?



I had to google it :man_shrugging:t2:

This seemed like the most even handed guide


Spirulina is amazing… but skip the powder and get the real stuff. For me, it’s a real performance booster, I won’t say any more other than I really believe in the stuff, it’s really boosted my last two CX seasons. In full disclosure I’m a vegan athlete, I only eat plant based foods, but in my world spirulina is next level for performance, racing, and recovery.

Here’s the VC video on it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdsriFh4bJE


I take it with chlorella


The real deal isn’t available in Europe…:frowning:


Good: Nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc., taste
Bad: Cost, benifit
Ugly: Cost

I tried daily use for 3 months after the Vegan Cyclist made a big deal about it in one of his videos. The taste is fine and it MAY have been giving me some nutrients and minerals. HOWEVER, I felt zero benifit in health or performance and at a cost of about $85 a month (can’t remember exactly) I pulled the plug.

Possibly if you are deficient in a vitamin or mineral that SP provides (maybe because VC is vegan) I suspect you could see a benifit. I don’t regret experimenting with the product, but “that’s gonna be a no for me dawg”.


I initially read that as Cholera :open_mouth:


:rofl:glad it isn’t pestilence :wink:


im an sp2 user. to be honest i cant say if it makes me better or not. but what i can say is that as a vegan it makes me worry less. i will add that if something was to happen with my employment situation it would be the first thing i drop.


I want to get into Spirulina too because it appears to have great impact on increasing hemoglobin etc. What are your thoughts on some of the studies that have shown the harmful effects of algae supplementation?


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