What's your favorite TrainerRoad workout? Why?


If you’ve been using TR for any amount of time, you probably have a favorite workout. That go-to ride when you need some extra time on the bike.

For me, it’s CloudRipper. I love the endurance bookends with the over-unders thrown in the middle. It’s a two hour workout that doesn’t feel like two hours because of the breakup.

What about you? I’m always looking for new workouts to try, especially while I’m not in the middle of a training plan. Show me what ya got!


It’s hard to pick your favorite child…but the ones I keep doing are…

Baxter for aerobic. I like to use this as a measuring stick. I do it so often I know what a “good” Baxter feels like and a “holy crap I’m tired” feels like.

I also like to do Antelope +5 on the weekends. It’s just enough where it’s not a killer workout but I accumulate a lot of sweet spot time and burn a lot of calories.


It’s not my favorite yet, but I have one that I’ll be trying out this Sunday before I go on vacation that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I love microburst workouts and Rattlesnake looks right up my alley


I am a big fan of the workouts the keep building and simulate that final push to the line, such as Basin:

Or Gilbert -1:

I don’t do them all that often, but this type of workout comes with a good sense of accomplishment.


The fastest guy in the office loves Basin!


@Nate I did Basin yesteray and “enjoyed” that as much as Bradley. Masochists only need apply! They’re satisfying, not really enjoyable until sometime after. Hoping a bit of pain & suffering helps next year’s performance.


I enjoy the idea of “checking in” with workouts like Gray because if you’re relatively fresh and can’t complete it, then your threshold needs to go down. If it’s easy, time to take another FTP test!


San Joaquin +4…or Tour De Nez+2
It’s like getting kicked in the face over and over. Type2 fun! The best part is, if you can make those workouts you know you can endure so pain. People want to attack, you know you can hang on and counter. The fact you know that you can counter is so empowering. You destroy people emotionally when you go AGAIN for the 15th time.


Pendleton. It is my barometer. If I can finish it at FTP, I feel pretty accomplished. The first four intervals are okay. Then it gets hard. Very hard.


Lion Rock is probably it for me. Really feels like a workout that shows you the culmination of your work so far.




I always liked Jane Bald - a little of everything.


Holy crap. This looks so so hard.


This one is definitely, absolutely “Givens.” It makes you dig deep and question if you’re going to make it. That thing is brutal! :smiley: “Julius Caesar +4” and “Elephants” also hold a special place in my heart!


I like Sill, good over under session with a couple of options to shorten if required


Any workout with motivational text from Chad :slight_smile:


The 8 minute test used to be my favorite, because it would signify the start of a new plan or a progress report on an existing plan. I can’t get excited about the ramp test, but I see value in doing an FTP test then having enough time left over to do another workout.


You should stick with the 8 minute test then! I totally understand the excitement that came with seeing what you could pull off at the start of a new training plan.


Has anyone completed ALL the workouts? :flushed:


Looks like 5 ramp tests in a row! I’ll give it a go.