Where do you buy jeans that fit?



Men’s or women’s?

I am aero :slight_smile: so damn near anything will fit me (man), but my wife is a whole other story. If she gets pants on her thighs (stretch or not) she is swimming in the waist. I tell her to take them to the tailor, but she just gets pissed and rants.

If any women have a fix please let me know!


I just wear Levi’s, quality jean at an affordable price.

I love how their commuter jeans have a bit of stretch to them. I typically go up one size and then wear a belt for maximum comfort.


I second that… Wrangler slim straight at walmart are only $19.97 and fit me well at a 34/32 (even better after I shrink them) It should be mentioned though that I have closer to a 32" waist, but the jeans in that size were too small in the thighs. So, i went a size up and shrank them a bit on purpose :slight_smile:


Currently sat in a pair of jeans which contain lycra :smile: (Next in the UK).

Coming from a weight lighting background with a 27" thigh at my peak the amount of trousers I’ve split in two is laughable :see_no_evil:


Ditto! Also Next jeans :smile:


Levi 541 Athletic fit


American Eagle are my favorites too, their strechy jeans collection is even good for bike commuting.


Silver Jeans makes a stretchy model called the Zac. Best fit I’ve ever had.


Levi’s 511 commuters have worked well for me, but they seem to be discontinued and are really hard to find now :frowning: . They have other jeans with stretch elements included, but I’ve found them to be too stretchy and shrink poorly.

I have a 29" waist and 33" inseam, but I get them in 32x34 because the stretch within them causes them to shrink.

I have had bad luck with just relying on “tapered” jeans.

For 5 pocket pants that fit and look like jeans but with different fabric, I really like the Olivers Passage pant. It’s a favorite of @chad’s as well. I’ve actually started phasing out jeans and with these across the board.

Also for a belt I love Arcade belts. Like most cyclists, if it fits the thighs, it’s loose on the waist, but these belts do a really good job of cinching things up simply without adding bulk:


The Buckle has two brands that work best for me. I got booty and thighs, they fit me great, its the only place I go.


Yeah, me as well. I actually know very few cyclists with big legs to be honest.

I wear 505 Levi’s pretty much always, in 32/32.


Another vote for UniQlo, wide range of sizes. I’m a 30w - 34l so have struggled with other high street brands, ie Gap etc.


great suggestion - I like that they have full measurements, and they are reasonably priced, thanks!


I’m actually up in Canada, so no Gliks, but they sure have great selection. I’ll have to check there next time I’m in Minnesota. Thanks for the suggestion.


I have tried the 541 and was sure that it would fit based on the description. Unfortunately, it’s a bit snug in the thigh, especially just above the knee, and the 32" inseam is almost too short. They don’t make a 34" inseam without going to the big and tall one, which they don’t carry in stores. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Thanks for the suggestion. Based on their size chart, I think I might still have some difficulty making them fit, but I’ll definitely check them out next time I’m in Toronto.


Maybe it was the strength training I did as a college football player that ruined my aerodynamics. At 51yo I figured my legs would slim down, but they remain oversized compared to the pattern that most clothing makers use. The only Levi’s that fit me now are the 550 and I’m not fond of the style.


Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like they have tons of selection. I’ll definitely find my way there.


Could be, but I’d guess it’s just genetic. I was a Safety and CB in college, played at about 190 lbs (6’0" tall). But I never had big legs even then. When I put on weight it’s all from the waist up. Luckily my legs always looks great, I gain zero fat there ever lol.


Thanks. Unfortunately we don’t have one near by, but info to tuck away.