Where do you buy jeans that fit?



Thanks for the suggestions Jonathan. I really like the look of the Passage pant, and the reviews are awesome, but the size guide shows that the 32" waist has an inseam that’s almost 2" too short, and the thigh is 3.5" too small for me. Sure wish those were the right fit - I’d buy a bunch.


I’ve never tried Silver Jeans. It looks like they have lots of fit options, and they are available just down the road from my home. Thanks for the suggestion.


After a bit of digging through their website, I realized that there are way more style options in the US than Canada. I’ll have to pay a visit to a Levi’s store next time I’m down there. None of the styles here suit me.


A Lucky store just opened up near me recently. I’ll check them out. Thanks for the suggestion.


I wish. I really like Levi’s, but the 541 is too small in the thigh if it fits my waist. Thanks for the suggestion though. Maybe I’ll have to go to SF or NY and try their custom tailored option.


I should have maybe given a bit more detail - men’s, most jeans a 30 or 31" waist fits, but my thighs are 24" and I need a 34" inseam which I then have hemmed, because a 32" is just a bit too short. Can’t help with women’s either - my wife is very aero.


I saw that on their website, but since high end jeans are $300+ in Canada, they probably wouldn’t be outlandish. Just have to remember to do that when I go to SF next time. I’ve tried getting trousers tailored, but the fit seems a bit off after bringing the waist in. Thanks for reminding me of the Levi’s No. 1 option. I might try that.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be visiting family in MN soon and I’ll check them out.


I feel your pain! As a black dude, I have to contend with a big ole booty, small waist and cycling thighs.

For the record, when we were growing up (well at least some of us) there was no such thing as Spandex in jeans! 100% Cotton jeans are loose fitting and the fades were done using stones. Not @Nate stones!

Again, jeans are meant to be and should be 100% cotton. If you are willing to treat your jean selection like your cycling kit selection, perhaps, all of us would have better luck with jeans. A bulk of the current jeans on the market are total and complete garbage with cheap material. Adding the garbage cuts production time and cost. Polyester and other fabrics are added to lower cost.

If you buy 100% cotton 98.9% the fit will not be tapered nor a slender cut through the legs. Jeans are meant to be worn and fit your girth. Please take the time to read about jeans on any of these sites.

Note, the cost will likely be higher than the aforementioned in this thread.

What is Raw Denim:

If you want the fit to be proper around the leg buy relaxed or straight leg jeans. If you want the taper buy Relax tapered jeans or straight. With raw denim you can likely go hipster and get a skinnier jean:


Some of the based raw 100% denim jeans in the USA:

Reasonably priced:
Made for big legged dudes (boxer and hockey cut):

Of course:

and as @Jonathan Levi’s are mainly raw denim.

Insanely Expensive:


Naked and Famous

Iron Heart:

Do your research. Companies like Fame Jeans https://frame-store.com provide leg opening sizes and of course polyester. Nonetheless, read up on denim, how it is made, where it is made and how it should fit. None of us would go out and by a crappy kit if we could afford not to do so. Luckily, with jeans, there are plenty of options to buy nice jeans at a reasonable price.

Good luck my big legged friends!


+! on the Lucky Brand 410 athletic!


Thanks! That’s a pretty comprehensive summary. I’m also not particularly fond of the stretch jeans, but everywhere I shopped, and my kids told me that’s because I’m old.


Amen! Raw denim is ace. It’s hard to find (almost impossible) where I am, but I always make an effort and it makes such a difference.


GAP in the UK make athletic cut Jean stretchy material as well.


Dunno know if you guys have Just Jeans in your country, but they have a range of strechy jeans. I wear skinny jeans and prefer that look, but have the same problems that you describe. They are demin and lycra mix (i think) and they are the best.


Haven’t bought any yet, but I want to: https://www.keirincutjeans.com/

Check them out!


i am also in canada and order swrve direct, I get a chared a tarrif but it is not high. They ship for free and I keep an eye out for their big sales so I get things 25% or more off.


I did competitive weight lifting all through my 20"s and had at one point only 3.5" difference between thighs and waist… I would get jeans huge sizes like 40" waist with my waist actual size being around 34", my mom would take the back seem apart, and tailor the waist to fit me. Later in life I have had the problem to some extent not as bad, but any tailor would do this for a reasonable price. Hope that helps,


I’m all about Bonobos. They’ve got an array of cuts, including Athletic which is “roomy” in the thigh and tapers nicely. They’re online and they have these “guide shops”, but with the online you have free returns if it doesn’t fit right. I got a Tailored cut and an Athletic cut and just returned the ones that didn’t fit. Tons of nice slacks too and they have the “stretch” option as well, which makes the pants more flexible in general


I wish I had this problem. I have f*cking twigs for legs.


I second this…the 541 stretch work really well. They are on sale right now so you can get two pairs for $60.