Which smart scales (UK)


@thatmdee I’m trying to test this before pulling the trigger (as I really can’t justify the nokia!). Do you know if it’s a once a day sync between Fitbit and My Fitness Pal? I’m getting an immediate sync from Renpho to Fitbit, but that doesn’t seem to be pushing on to my fitness pal. I only set up a fitbit account today (I’ve no fitbit device), so if it’s a once a day update, that could be the reason. Alternatively, maybe it’s just the fitbit basic account that doesn’t push!

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I’m using the Garmin smart scale, and its generally fine with one gripe that use on carpet is pointless, even using the feet attachments, I’ve seen weight variations of 2kg on carpet just by getting on and off again.

It needs a hard floor to be accurate IMO (although this is generally true for all scales)


I’ve been using the 1byone scales I bought from amazon for over a year now, I believe they have are accurate and they are consistent. Nice phone app and bluetooth sync etc.


Yeah, I think if I can confirm the fitbit to myfitnesspal to connect working, I think one of the other options will be my approach. Tracking only makes sense if I’m going to do something about body composition - and I’m not convinced enough that I am to spend the money on the nokia or garmin options!


Yep… i think it’s just a once daily sync. I weighed in at 5:45 am, it’s now 8:30am and it hasn’t come across.

Looking through the historical data in Garmin Connect, it’s been working flawlessly and all coming across, minus the days I forget to weigh in

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Yes, all synced across pretty quickly this morning from a manual input in the Renpho app. I wasn’t timing, but it was in Connect within half an hour.

Pulled the trigger on the Renpho scales on Amazon this morning - pretty much half the price of the Nokia (which is on offer at stg£70 on Amazon). Just need to sneak the extra gadget into the house next week now! :grinning:

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Weight Scale Integration

The Renpho scales arrived on Friday. Working well so far in terms of the sync - bluetooth to the renpho app to Fitbit to myfitnesspal to connect. Weight seems to be in line with my previous scales, for what that’s worth, so looking forward to the trends on the other stuff.

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Just to update - the only thing I’ve found with the Renpho scales that it has to be in wifi (or 4g) coverage at the time of recording to do the push to fitbit (and then on). Next job is to set up multiple users…

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This is what I liked about the Renpho… We just each have the app on our own phone. Open app, and be within proximity of the scales, hop on, done… Work well for multiple users.

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There’s also a place in the NW of England. Again not cheap


Wow, don’t need to spend £200 to know I’m too fat :joy:


@Macy @thatmdee do the renpho scales sync body fat to Fitbit? Or just your weight?


Body fat too. Total and percentage.

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Took part in a genetics study this morning that included a DEXA scan…

Renpho scales this morning giving me 20.5% body fat, Dexa had me at 12.5%.

Albeit I knew it was the trends that make the bioimpedence most use, but I’m a bit disappointed they’re so far off. I was expecting a couple of percent at most.

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A pleasant surprise, mind.


Ah yeah, happy enough with that! Actually all results good, except upper body strength which is no surprise either. I know I have to do more strength work, but…


I’ve had next to no issues with my Garmin Index scale - Regularly drops to <£90 on amazon… not that this is actually cheap mind.


Switched the Renpho app to “athlete mode”, and this mornings body fat was 12.7% compared to yesterdays DEXA of 12.5%. Happy with that margin of error, and with apparently being an “Athlete” :grinning:

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Awesome! Will you be doing DEXA scans regularly? Would be interesting to see how it tracks


I don’t think it’s an option. I got it done as a part of a study, but the University only seems to offer BodPod as a rock up and pay your money. As far as I’m aware, you can’t get an xray done in Ireland without a referral.

The other factor is, I’d only look for regular dexa if body composition was something I was actively working on. Which I’m not at the moment.

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