Whiskey does not make you faster


That’s an awesome collection of badges.

Islay single malts and cycling. 2 of my favourite things…


Blame your own bottles which specifically say “××× malt emphasized text_scotch_emphasized text whisky” i usually get single malt but it might also say blended.

I am a big fan of the glenlivet. My wife bought me a bottle of the 21 year for Christmas a few years ago.

Have a long run tomorrow… wonder if it’ll be faster.


Hmmm… What would you recommend then? :yum:


This is . . . a great thread


Err, nothing. The dog’s doo-dahs - aka the dog’s bollocks - means the best. :sunglasses:


I, through a lot of luck, have some of the 23yo and the 20yo. I think the 20yo is actually better, I wish I knew that before I paid for the 23, hahaha.


You’re right… but I have a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon here and I don’t go around offering people a drink of ‘Kentucky’.

I’m just kidding :wink: Scotch is Scotch and it’s quite okay to call it that :smiley: :smiley:

December thru February is dangerous for me, with a birthday & christmas where my whisky collection seems to swell a little. This years newbies include a limited edition ‘distillery edition’ of Tobermory, and a ltd. bottling from Tullibardine (no idea what to expect from that one!!!).


It may not be whisky or whiskey or bourbon exclusively but a few times recently I went out after a night of intense putting the world to rights over a glass or two or three or…well you get the picture and the performances on the following day are now benchmarks. This was supported when I was out with a group we, six, had to catch a lone rider we’d give 1 minute head start to. The only one to beat the peloton was a bottle up and probably still over the driving limit that time in the morning.
I call all that absolute proof - please excuse the pun!


I was going to past the second half about bourbon, but that bottle will say Kentucky bourbon whiskey with an e :smile: which is a little redundant since it is not technically bourbon if it is not from Kentucky. Most of us stateside do just call it bourbon.

How is that one from tullibardine? I had a nice bottle from them which was finished in Burgundy casks. That one disappeared pretty quickly.


Not opened it yet! Will update on this important information when I have it…

Current bottle being finished is a 16 yo Lagavulin which has all of the hallmarks of a classic Islay, without the medicinal/tannic harshness of Laphroaig! It reminds me of stormy, rainy nights locked up in a cottage on one of the island, sitting in front of a glowing peat fire!


This thread is timely, especially after i got into a bottle of japanese whiskey and some 21yr Caol Ila last night. For those that haven’t ventured into Japanese whiskey, i strongly suggest it.

Tallac+3 is not looking optimal right now. Bottle of skratch hydration being nursed at the moment and getting my life together.


Ardmore is my current ‘session’ whisky. Not too peaty, not too medicinal, touch of sweetness. Not too pricy either. Currently enjoying a wee dram while putting my bike right again after a muddy day’s racing :slight_smile:


Haaa :laughing: “lost in translation” moment there.


And now my bottle of glenlivet 15 is finished. I had been getting a decent bottle for my everyday drink from the singleton’s 12 year but my shop was all out last time i was there.




At the risk of being too pedantic, it only has to be produced in the USA. Lots of it just happens to be produced in Kentucky.


Well i guess i had a bad source of information.

Anyway, this was our selection from tonight.


Btw, that bottle of blantons is a rare cask strength single barrel bottling. 137 proof, with a little water is just awesome.




Look what I found at BevMo! Now you can enjoy a tasty beverage mid ride :yum::wink: