Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)


Sorry, I feel like I must be missing something simple here. I know you said I won’t see ATL and TSB here, but what number on the TR chart you showed is that day’s CTL? All I see is a week’s worth of data in that little teeny line. What am I missing?


I ditched TP last week. I keep Strave for logging rides and the social aspect and I use Zwift for my “entertainment” while I’m running TR.

I think TR still has a little way to go with it’s analysis over TP but it’s damn close and TP is just tooooo expensive.

Personally I also like the ideal of having a single platform for ride analysis and planning.


you aren’t missing anything, TR doesn’t show daily CTL.


and I’ve always subscribed to fundamentals laid out by Joe Friel:

“The best way to use Fitness is to pay attention to the trends over time. A rising Fitness line shows improvement while a falling line indicates a loss of fitness. That’s the primary thing we want to reap from Fitness.”

“fitness” = CTL Source: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/applying-the-numbers-part-2-training-stress-score/

While sometimes its interesting to look at daily CTL, like after a 170 TSS group ride, I’ve really only used it to identify trends and comparing ramp rates to how I feel. Personally I feel that TR is good enough, as I can see ramp rates and have never really looked that hard at PMC’s CTL on a daily basis.

I understand you are using PMC differently, and would feel a loss in data by not having daily CTL.


I’ve “ditched” Strava, MFP, TP. I only used the free versions. Strava occasionally used when I forget my Watch and because TR is still set up to sync to it.

I’m not really interest in publicising my training to friends anymore. I use TR and Apple Activity.


The number I circled is the equivalent of CTL, it’s in the popup box when you hover over your TSS chart on the career page.

Correct @bbarrera it’s not CTL but the six week daily average gives you the same information.


Dumped my coach, strava premium, zwift and everthing else. This is the only platform I am going to pay for this year and see how it goes.


That’s a weekly number, not daily.


I ended my TP subscription once I saw the TR calendar.

I still preferred the TP metrics and analysis tools, but I suspect that was through familiarity rather than inherent usefulness.

I think not having a CTL chart in my face every day has actually been much healthier for my attitude to training.


Are we looking at the same image? I circled the 6 week daily average with a value of 55, meaning I averaged 55 TSS per day over the preceding six weeks.


Have you used TrainingPeaks? The Performance Management Chart allows you to looks at CTL changes on a day-by-day basis. So I can see the CTL for Monday Nov 12, which is not the same as for Tuesday Nov 13, which is not the same as for Wednesday Nov 14, etc.

With TrainerRoad you can only see the 6-week average on a week to week basis, which is perfectly fine if you are looking for major trends of rising and falling fitness over the course of a training block, or over the course of several training blocks like base and build.

Pbase is pointing out the distinction between the two, and is correct.


My TP is up in Feb and I have already set it to not auto-renew. I really only used it for the calendar and looking at CTL which TR pretty well replicates now. I’ll miss some of their other interesting graphs but to me they were just interesting to look at, I really didn’t do anything with the info.

I still have my Strava and will likely keep that. I like all the social stuff and have connected with some people through it. I can flip the switch where some days I really want to look at my segments and other days I couldn’t care less so I don’t fall into that rabbit hole.


Dropped both TP and Strava Premium in the past couple months. I’ll keep using Strava free as I like keeping up with with what my old training partners are up to since I moved to a different area.

I’m still hanging on to Zwift as I like having something else to look at on the trainer and I’ve been on it since the early days. Not sure it’s worth it though as I don’t race or do group rides and I can’t remember the last time I just free rode it without a TR workout also running.


Ah OK. In that case yes, you’re correct @Pbase, you won’t get day-by-day granularity on TR. I’m guessing TR calculate the daily average based on the current day for the current week, and the end of the week for past weeks.

I’ve used TraingPeaks for ~10 years btw @bbarrera!!


@occasionalathlete wasn’t sure why you guys were talking past each other… The lack of being able to look at any day, past or present, and see exact 42-day CTL was the first thing I noticed when TR rolled out Performance Analytics.

The second thing was breathing a sigh of relief, because PMC throws so much into the chart its difficult to see the forest thru the trees :wink:

And then I kinda freaked out at loss of more detailed CTL data…

which quickly passed as I realized day-to-day charting of CTL doesn’t really matter to me and I actually prefer the TR chart as it quickly gives me the big picture I was struggling to get from the visual hot mess that is PMC.

Not surprisingly, my first custom chart in WKO4 trial was to “visually fix” the PMC by having it only show CTL and applying smoothing to get rid of the day to day jagged lines :smile: Others do not feel the same as they use daily swings up and down to make training decisions if I’m reading correctly. And thats totally cool.


Completely agree. Other than being very clunky to use, CTL, ATL, etc. are imprecise metrics so doesn’t make sense to use them for that level of detail IMO.


I do feel strongly that when CTL is above 80 it is far easier on my body to do back-to-back days of hard riding or training (say TSS of 150-200). Or complete an epic event with TSS above 300 and wake up the next morning feeling fine.


Thanks both. If I had that one stupid little report in the mobile app, I’d cancel TP.

To complete my answer (and not just whine about my one little report!), I have gone to the free version of Strava and mostly use it as a way to remember who was who on local group rides. Like others, I only use Zwift as eye candy while using TR. I don’t like the social side of Zwift. I’d rather listen to music while I’m training and I’m not really interested in group rides. That’s what I do with friends outside on the weekend.


@Pbase if its any consolation I’m going to start whining about lack of aerobic decoupling in TR, or get happy eyeballing it, or figure out how to do it in Golden Cheetah, or put down some money and do it in WKO4. Decisions, decisions…


Maybe I’m the outlier here, but I have a free TP account I still use, I love Strava (just not enough to pay for it), and I use TR religiously. To me, they do different things. I like TP because I use it to track how I’m feeling, weight, and sleep - things TR doesn’t do yet. Strava is better for tracking how I’m improving in the real world. I like the fact that I can compare how I did last year on a segment to how I paced it this year. It’s also great for validating how training is going. It’s one thing to see your FTP go up in TR or yo feel that hard workouts are getting easier. It’s even better to see that you took 20 seconds off the 5 minute climb you did last month. And being the typical hyper competitive roadie I am, I enjoy seeing if I can sneak into the top 10 or top 10% on local climbs and segments.