Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)


I use a wahoo as I got a good discount on it :ok_hand:t2:


Can I ask you how you did that? I have HRV4T linked to TP and it pulls the TSS values but somewhere between the two won’t write the HRV values. Both TP and HRV cannot explain it so I end up putting them in manually.

FWIW I don’t pay for Strava but because everyone syncs to it is worth uploading to as the “hub” for your ride data


I was going to raise a post on this very matter. My CTL is TP/WKO4 is 60 and I know that is correct because I have been tracking that for over 2 years now.
However the TR TSS graph has me at 70 and that is not an anomaly, it is consistently different

As a percentage that is a big difference and I wonder what exactly the TR chart is showing and why it has so much difference?


The TrainerRoad chart is showing you the 42 day average TSS at the end or each week. This is not weighted to account for older workouts having less effect on your ‘fitness’.

The system used in WKO4 and training peaks does decay the effect of older workouts.



Like the others have said, I also find a rather big difference between CTL in Todaysplan, and the 6 wk daily avg in TR, with TR showing much higher.

Also, I like the TSB figure too.


Sure… in the HRV4T app go to Settings, scroll down to the Strava section then tick “Link to Strava”. After you authorise HRV4T to access Strava it starts pulling the data in (it initially pulls in the last 3 weeks training) :+1:


Because I’m a bit sad (and I already have a PMC in spreadsheet form) here’s a comparison of CTL, ATL and TSB to the TrainerRoad 6 week rolling daily TSS average. I’ve assumed that everything starts at zero on day 1.

This is SweetSpot Base > General Build > Climbing Road Race (all low volume).

Not the same (Blue vs Red) but it trends similarly.



Nice @themagicspanner :+1:


Thank you! I’ve posted two screenshots, but having it in a spreadsheet is perfect!


Nice and it has live tracking as well via your phone so you technically (and better imo as I have a bolt) drop strava beacon and save some $$


Talking to myself now…

Is it just me or does the specialty phase of the TR plan leave you a little under-cooked for the last 8 weeks up to the race? I would have expected Form (yellow line) to be lower than that for at least the first half of that 8 week period with the trend more dramatically upwards in the last 4 weeks.

Who has any thoughts on this.



I took the plunge largely because I already manually calculate swim TSS and use Stryd for run “RSS” so TP was providing redundant info. Yes, ride analysis on TP is better, but that’s also free so I saw no need to pay for both TR and TP any longer.


I just put the money saved into giving Athlean-X a try. That is a general (not cycling specific) base-level strength training plan assembled by a physical therapist.


Looking at my wko4 data for the day last couple of years I tend to agree. I’ve wondered if I’m in better shape after the build phase than after specialty.


Dropped Zwift, Training Peaks and will reduce Strava Summit to Analysis only. I realised that 90% of my riding on Zwift had been structured workouts and then the price went up also. TrainerRoad during the week and outdoors on the weekend. If it is raining I have downloaded a small library of Tacx Videos to add a bit of spice. I like the pace of development on TrainerRoad so I am hoping that they will improve Form/Fitness representation and career peaks to rival TraininPeaks …and then I will be complete!


This made me think about my Strava too. Doing the same thing, The Analysis Pack is the only thing I use.

Looked at TR a few years back, but didn’t get the feel for it back then. Stuck with Strava and unstructured riding and commuting on Strava (PR chasing and all training in the “Gray Zone” chasing other cyclists). This got me to a point, but not all the way. Got me into cycling and XCM though.

Then during my parental leave last spring I discovered @Jonathan and TR again through the MTB Podcast. The TR YouTube video about the calendar sealed the deal some months later. All my friends are looking at Zwift, I’m looking at TR. Next summer will show the results :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks @Nate for letting MTB Podcast use the podcast studio, you got my subscription through them :grinning:


I’m thinking about plotting all of the plans (within reason) and starting a new thread. If nothing else it’s handy for users to see the information plotted like that. You never know, I might even share the spreadsheet…



How would you go about downloading Trainer Road workouts to Golden Cheetah?



I told TrainerRoad to sync with Dropbox, and then point Golden Cheetah to the Dropbox folder.


I stumbled on how to setup Golden Cheetah to show Aerobic Decoupling for intervals (it does entire workout by default):

Go to Preferences > Metrics > Intervals and add Aerobic Decoupling to selected metrics:

Open a workout and now you can easily see aerobic decoupling for every interval, for example this 28 minute interval during the 2:45:00 Conness workout: