Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)


Why do I need Training Peaks when I have TR?

I’m all in with TR I do keep some data on Garmin Connect because it tracks equipment usage etc I’m a little anal that way… and because I started on GC before TR.
TR is working for me. I’m 6months into TR I have completed three tng plans( SSB low Vol 1, SSB Mid Vols 1 & 2) and now I’m in the Build Phase enroute to my A race.

Soooooo, why do I need Training Peaks???


If you ask like this, you maybe don’t need it? :face_with_monocle:


As a triathlete I find TR data to be severely limited. Not importing runs and swims is a bad place to start from. As well, only showing tss without any nod to atl, ctl or form makes the tss nearly useless. Is trial and error really the best way to solve for fitness? Training peaks has swims and runs, allows for functional thresholds of cycling, swims and runs, multiple different graphing and calculating volume options.

In my opinion TP is far more advanced than TrainerRoad in allow a user useful and meaningful insights into data. TrainerRoad is great at its core business- workouts and training plans for cycling, the rest leaves a lot to be desired.


If you’re at all interested in reducing subscriptions, consider a pair of TR with Golden Cheetah. Workout planning functionality and simplicity with TR, all the data and ability to import runs and swims with GC. I’m new to GC, but poking around over the past couple of days and having uploaded every workout for the last 10 years, it’s a lot like WKO4+, though more complex in interface. It allows all the same functionality as TP as far as I can tell, but isn’t a fantanstic calendar… TR can provide that.


For me, Golden Cheetah is providing even more data analysis than I got from TrainingPeaks! As a single sport athlete I’m very happy with TrainerRoad and Golden Cheetah.


Just dropped both Training Peaks and Zwift.

As much as I love both products, the costs add up, so I am going to stick to TrainerRoad for now.





I tried golden cheetah for a full year and couldn’t handle the interface. I switched to wko4 and found that much more user friendly. I’m always interested in cutting costs, but I even find the TR calendar sub par without the ability to easily plan all 3 sports based on tss. I wish TrainerRoad would stop claiming they are interested in triathletes. It drives me crazy. I think they mean they support the cycling component of triathlon.


I could do with out TP but, I’m reluctant to drop WKO+ for certain analytics. Perhaps in time TR will develop similar software.

What it comes down to for me is if I am secure enough in Coach Chad’s plans and workouts enough to offset the detailed charts of WKO+. I mean the most important point is doing the work/time. The charts just give me security I’ve achieved something. I’m leaning towards all the charts in WKO+ don’t matter much anymore.


I think you have a point here. If you trust TR plans, i see no need to analyze intervals. It is when you start doubting, you could perhaps start replacing workouts with ones better suited to your power-duration curve and needs. On the other hand, I suspect that most users (myself included) have more important things to worry about, such as plan compliance, training volume, etc. Coach Chad expressed this thought not long ago. There is also the endurance training needs pyramid by Dr. Seiler, by which (if I recall correctly) training volume and general periodization are by far most important factors in improving performance.


Agreed. I started a thread about PD curve (power profile) charts with no interest. While I still wish TR had something similar I’m leaning towards just follow the plan and you’ll train each system adequately enough. If you need/desire more and you are completing workouts/plans ok hire a coach.


There is a Chrome plugin for Strava, called Elevate that gives more than enough visual stats to track your training progress.

It s free too.



+1 Glad, I’m not the only one


Having planned seasons with TSS in advance, I don’t find a tremendous amount of value in it, frankly. But agree that TR isn’t TP/WKO4, and it has a ways to go to get there, but combined with other free analysis tools, I don’t need to pay for two subscriptions to do what I need to excel.


I have been using the standalone version of WKO for many years. All of the while I have been self-coached. Since I have been using TR for the past two years however I find that I am referring to the WKO metrics less and less. This is because I am sticking to the prescribed TR workouts. I am not seeking actional feedback from the WKO metrics. Perhaps this will change in the future if I see myself no longer benefiting from following the standard TR plans. But for now, I don’t need anything else.


I found GC too difficult to learn so I invested in a one-off payment for WKO4 and I do not regret it.
Coach puts sessions into TP. I make them as workouts in TR and look at them in WKO4. I like the TR calender. as well.


At the moment TR seems to import Strava outdoor rides minus the strava privacy settings - which means that the distance, duration and TSS is off. Whereas my Wahoo Bolt syncs directly with TP so I get accurate TSS. And finally some sort of automatic hrTSS calculation for non-power outdoor rides and then I would drop TP


I guess I’m not seeing where GC is much more difficult than WKO4. Having used both, they are both complex. The interface with online training repositories in GC is a bit more cumbersome, but that’s something you set up once. I’ll see how it goes over time


Dropped TP premium. For non-bike workouts I use the calculated TSS from free TP version and would input into TR.


I’ve had a TP premium account in the past but not used it for a while. I still keep the free account with files auto directed there just in case I use it in the future.

I am a Strava premium member but thats largely to to be able to compare rides. I like to do that after TT’s to look and see where I lose and gain time to others during races, something i find useful. That’s due for renewal early next year I think and now premiums been broken into separate sections I might be able to just pay for that part.

Mainly I use Golden Cheetah for charts and analysis and I’ve got 3 profiles set up one each for swim, bike and run. I’ve never found it more or less difficult to set up and navigate than any other complex piece of software and what time investment there has been has been well worth it.

I now keep the TR calendar up to date and also a spreadsheet I’ve created to plan training with all the formulas to create pretty PMC charts and the breakdowns of my yearly training.

All a bit anal I know, maybe I should just train more :grinning: