Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)


I have to agree with this comment the most, I really like the direction that TR is going, but the TP application and data is next level. I recently started paying for TP, they definitely need a better trial system, but now that I’m using it I see real value in it.


Is there a way to use WKO4 with TR without having to use TP?


It looks like TrainerRoad licenses NP, IF, TSS from TrainingPeaks… I wonder how the calendar can evolve without infringing on the concepts/trademarks of the other platforms.

© 2011-2018 TrainerRoad, LLC. Ver. 32723 — NP, IF and TSS are trademarks of Peaksware, LLC and are used with permission. Learn more at www.trainingpeaks.com.

The only the way the calendar can be useful for me going forward is it import daily metrics, better longer term trending and reports, etc. The things that WKO4 does amazingly well.


Manually export the data files from TR, then manually upload to WKO4. You don’t need to have a TrainingPeaks integration to make it work.


As @Jack_Russell_Racing said above, you don’t need a TrainingPeaks account to use WKO4, just manually download your files from TrainerRoad and import them.

Having said that, you get all of the functionality you need to keep WKO4 synced with TrainingPeaks with the free account, and that saves on the hassle of having to manually add files from all over the place.



I have confidence that we’ll see TR’s analytics improve. I’ve canned my TP and actually created a rolling spreadsheet that calculates CTL, ATL, and TSB to keep me up to speed with the metrics i enjoy tracking. The TR calendar isnt perfect, but it works.

I do wish TR would automatically give me an hrTSS estimate for powermeterless rides… :thinking:


Once you have had a powermeter you get a good feel for the TSS of a ride. I always found the hrTSS estimates under estimated TSS compared to power - by quite a lot in many cases


I’d still prefer it the take hrTSS, and then for me to manually adjust it (if needs be) than the current having to go in after every commute to change it manually. Particularly short rides (30-40 minutes), TSS doesn’t change that much between different RPE levels.


I agree, however I don’t usually use my powermeter as the gauge when putting in a long 3-4hr aerobic ride. HR is extremely useful in those cases. And for me specifically, I like doing my long and slow aerobic rides on a vintage steel framed Raleigh I love to ride. It has no powermeter and thus I just wear my HR monitor. To keep my TR calendar up to date, I still use TP’s hrTSS to help me adjust the custom TSS in TR. Would be awesome if TR just adopted an hrTSS metric for rides without a powermeter that’s a little more robust that the current custom approach they have.


would be nice if I could drop my excel spreadsheet PMC…

still don’t get why there is no PMC. It can’t be a copyright thing - there’s tons of sites out there that do it but use other acronyms for CTL/ATL/TSB (e.g. LTS/STS/SB)


I can see the use case here and obviously commutes are another good example of when filling in TSS could be saved by using hrTSS automatically.

I am not sure if it is legal restriction for any reason as the code to calculate it is widely available.


I guess I’m an outlier here - never used TP, been using Sporttracks forever (desktop version initially, which I still have). It’s where I did all my running anaysis. Does not have TSS per se, never used TSS until I started on TR a month ago… But they have a TRIMP-model training load analysis and prediction (which I use very little). I did all my training plans on Excel…


I have Zwift and seriously considering switching to TR. Is there something particular about TR that made you switch?


i cancelled zwift a few months ago after being a user for two years. Just didn’t feel like paying for two services. TrainerRoad workouts and riding outside is all I need. I don’t need the world of zwift to keep me entertained or motivated to do workouts. I have TR on my phone, something on the TV, and music or a podcast in my ears. Works out quite well for me personally.


There are a lot of people that use TR and Zwift in tandem, or use TR for structured training, and Zwift for races and unstructured rides. It just kind of depends on what your goals are. You can get fit with both, but I think the general tenor around here is that TR is going to be way less about entertainment/fun and more about serious structured training.

Personally I use TR to train, Zwift to mess around, and Golden Cheetah (now) for in depth power file analysis, having dropped Training Peaks several months ago and never paying a dime to Strava.


That’s precisely why I deleted my Strava account entirely last month. I immediately felt liberated.


TR benefits:

  • more workouts
  • more training plans, that are also more comprehensive and long range
  • a calendar for long range planning
  • ability to import rides from outside or other services
  • ability to review rides in detail
  • ability to track seasons of training
  • ability to track personal records to a fine detail, over many seasons


Social media is soul crushing, and that’s exactly what Strava aims to be.


Everybody licences these terms from TrainingPeaks but it’s only the names that licenced, not the formulae as these were published prior to TraininsPeaks (or CyclingPeaks as it used to be known). They could have called them something else but TSS is such an industry standard term now I guess they decided it would make TR easier to move to.


Would you be willing to share that spreadsheet?