Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)


Hope they see that people are asking and oblige.


Does a free Training Peaks account show you the CTL, ATL and TSB? Also, is it possible to edit a ride if I have a different indoor FTP?


Free account does not show you CTL, ATL, etc etc. You get some power metrics, but that’s about it. I may go back and upgrade again.I know you can get an idea of your fatigue and such with your TSS average over a six-week period w/ TR app, but, training peaks does a fabulous job of just giving you all of this info.
Though, with my HRVTraining, I can get those as well, need a few more weeks to get any real info though.


Just double checked my account - you are correct here. Removed my incorrect post above. Free only gets you general calendar tracking, TSS and IF calculations, time in HR and power zones, very similar to free Strava.


I really do love seeing the time in the zones though. I don’t have any additional stuff with strava, so this is nice for me. Though, I just got the elevate plugin for chrome, so now I can see fatigue, form, and fitness via strava.