Who is embarking on week 3 Sweet Spot Mid Volume


So who started Sweet Spot Mid volume on week beginning 12 November?

That first over-under (Reinstein) nearly broke me.

Got my eye on McAdie fo this week - going to have a crack at it on Tuesday.


I did. Replacing over unders with a bit less time for each interval. I think for most riders 3x12 minutes in threshold the first week of a plan is far too much. I’m highly trained, 12 hours per week, and I couldn’t make it through that workout. Nor could I on the second week.

I’d be interested to see if you can make it.

I’m going to take a more measured approach as I think putting riders in situations where they fail workouts the first 3 weeks of a plan is never a good idea and creates self doubt and lack of motivation.


Bout to finish up week 2 today - and yesterday’s over/unders for 90 mins nearly broke me. Lack of nutrition throughout the day and shoveling the roof/decks probably didn’t help my cause either. I had to back off the intensity a bit on the last interval and my cadence was griiiiiiinding. But, I finished.


Over-unders suck… but they don’t get better.


I’ve got Reinstein-1 on the calendar for tonite…oooh.


Leavitt +2 last night. Decided to swap out my road bike and put the TT bike on the kickr. Let’s just say there’s some extra burn this morning.


I just finished Sweet Spot Base MVI. McAdie kicked my butt in week 3, but I completed Palisade in week 4 100%, and McAdie +1 in week 5 went a lot better than McAdie. Summary: over-unders still suck, but you’ll get stronger as you go.